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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nip/Tuck: Dr. Joshua Lee

This was a fantastic episode to boot. Honestly, it might be the best of the season thus far. I'm actually half way through the chunk of completed episodes (14 were wrapped before the strike hit) and it looks like this season is finally going somewhere. Up until now, it's been a lot of "we're in LA, so let's take advantage of that" plots. But now, I'm seeing some real serious stuff take root. And by serious, I mean old men who have been abducted by aliens.

The patient du jour was Dr. Joshua Lee. I've seen McNamara/Troy handle some insanely weird cases, so Lee's was nothing too out of the ordinary. Remove the alien implant from my back. Sure. While it was predictable (I knew his actual daughter would show up at the end), it was still compelling. I thought he was a great character. This show has never shied away from tackling oddball issues and I'd love too see the good doctor back again, maybe in four or five episodes to see if he knows "who" took him away. Aliens? NASA scientists?

Speaking of being "taken away," how about Julia and Olivia's own abduction? At first, I thought it was pointless; just another gimmick so the two of them have a reason for "vacationing" in LA for so long. But what it set up was great! Olivia is all talk. She cracked immediately. Crying, begging for her life. All this time Julia has been so intimidated by Olivia, but she was the one who stood tall with the chubby dude who held them at gunpoint. It woke her up it seems. She got a gun for protection and hopped back in the sack with Christian for satisfaction. It's going to be interesting to see how they hide that from Sean and Olivia because it seems like Julia might be in it for real this time.

As far as things being hidden, I was hoping that Sean and Eden's "affair" would stay secret a little longer, but Sean's full circle realization that he is indeed getting older came much faster than I expected. I wonder if his adverse reaction to the Ecstasy had anything to do with all the crap that Aiden's new age doctor pumped into him? Might Sean's problem be an indicator for what's in store for Aiden? Probably not since he's too minor a character for anyone to care if something happened to him. Sean is just old.

The biggest shock, for me anyway, was Kimber and Matt coming clean. Clearly, it was all Kimber's idea since she did all the talking. Whether Matt realizes it or not, Christian making that deal with Kimber was a good thing. Let her go back into porn. Good riddance. She was hurtful to Matt, and I actually did believe her when she said she never loved him. Two things though. First off, she kept Jenna at Ram's place. No way Christian is going to stand for that. Giving up the baby was part of the deal. Secondly, after Christian's tough love session, I really thought Matt would go into rehab. Instead, he tried cooking meth and lit himself on fire. Can he sink any lower? Besides into the hotel pool?

More thoughts...

Christian was on fire with the zingers in this episode! Your face looks like a fraternity couch. Your vagina is a cesspool full of Alaskan king crabs. Taking ecstasy is like listening to Fall Out Boy. Hilarious.

Julia threatened Eden. So what's Eden going to do to retaliate? She'll never sit still.

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