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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day Playlist: When Love Turns Bitter

Ah, love. For something that can be so good, it's amazing how so very bad it can also be. And bad can turn to bitter around Valentine's Day, when the rest of the world is celebrating love's virtues just as you are in the middle of a breakup, still waiting by the phone, or figuring out how to tell someone it's over.

From now until V-Day, I'm posting playlists that might capture how you're feeling about romance this year. Last week I posted songs for the single person, and today I found this playlist that capture different variations on heartbreak and being "over it" when it comes to relationships. What's sweet for some this time of year can feel like salt in the wound for others, and a solid playlist might help the less lovey-dovey folks among us know you're not alone.

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