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Monday, February 25, 2008

Prison Break: Boxed In

"Let's see if he has the tattoo to get out of that one." - T-Bag

Prison Break may not be the best thing on TV at this point, but hey - at least it's new. It's been over two months since the mid-season finale and I was a little sketchy on what had happened previously, but this was never a show that required much thinking. Once the action started, it was easy to figure out what everyone was up to. You know... breaking out of prison.

So if I recall, the last episode ended with Michael being brought out of the prison, presumably to solitary confinement. After the two escape attempts, the new general put two and two together and figured Scofield had something to do with it. So they threw Michael in some sort of mini-greenhouse/chicken coop cell. In the hot Panama sun, it didn't take him long to revise his plan and start talking to the general.

This is where it got a little ridiculous though. He spilled the beans about everything - Lincoln being set up in the US, The Company, Sarah's murder, and LJ. Of course the story sounds bogus... but somehow the general verifies it and starts to believe Michael. Now I realize this guy is some high-ranking government official and he most definitely has eyes and ears everywhere, but still. Even the slightest inkling as to how he got his intel would have been nice. After that, it played out as you would expect. Michael gave up Whistler and Whistler gave up Susan B. a.k.a. Gretchen Morgan.

This was interesting though. Michael went through with this extremely dangerous course of action fully aware that any mess up could get LJ killed. It shows you his motives though. While I believe he truly fears for the safety of his nephew, getting revenge for Sarah's death seems to be at the top of his list. He was willing to lie to Lincoln (recall that "this is part of the plan" crap) to make sure Gretchen got apprehended and as a result, Michael got his face time with her. Getting out of prison is now just supplementary to his main goal: killing Gretchen, or at least "making her pay." Of course, Michael is on to Whistler now too. He now knows that the meeting he witnessed was more than just a casual encounter. Obviously, Michael was always suspicious, but now his curiosity is truly piqued. That and he's pissed.

Elsewhere, prison life went on as usual. Mahone was dumped back in Sona and seems determined to stay clean. I doubt that will happen with T-Bag pushing drugs every five minutes. T-Bag has motive though. Get Mahone to take out Sammy and T-Bag is in on the escape plan. Sure Whistler gave him his word, but I wouldn't trust that guy. It shows you how much T-Bag really wants out though. He looked like he was going to cry when he realized that Mahone was in no way prepared to get high and drop Sammy a chicken leg.

More thoughts...

Now that Gretchen has agreed to pay Sucre to continue helping Michael, Sucre has no reason to keep smuggling for Augusto. So... what happens when he says no to Augusto?

Bellick kicked the sh*t out of Sammy's goon! Yeah, I know he fought dirty (acetone soaked rags) but I can't help but root for the guy at this point.

What's going to be the significance of that coin that Lang gave to Mahone? I see no point in bringing it into the story if it's only going to be some sort of good luck charm. It's got to play a bigger role if you ask me...

Gun or no gun, in a fight I think I'd pick Sammy over Lechero. Sammy seems scrappy and Lechero is starting to come across as old. He'll probably have Sammy killed before the potential for a fight even comes close though. Unless T-Bag's plan for Mahone suddenly comes through.

So isn't Gretchen going to have "wanted" posters all over the place now? Every guard at the prison saw her when the general brought her in. It's going to be a little odd if she just goes back to business as usual and doesn't encounter any interference from the law.

Maybe I missed this, but why does Augusto want Lechero dead? What does he gain by having Sammy in charge? I don't think Sammy is going to have an easier time smuggling Augusto's contraband (booze, etc.) into the prison.

Is Sofia going to do anything besides whine? If she's going to be kept around, at least have her character do something productive. She should go figure out why Whistler is lying to her.

From here on out, it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. The escape can't be far off and nothing is really clicking. Michael doesn't trust Whistler, Mahone is in withdrawal, T-Bag and Bellick both want in on the plan, and Sammy has plans for Lechero. Doesn't exactly sound like a cohesive group.

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