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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Playlist: I Think I'm Falling in Love

During the run-up to Valentine's Day, I've been posting playlists that might capture your outlook on love this year. I've already tackled the single and empowered playlist, as well as the list for those of you who may be feeling a little bitter towards love. Now that the big day is here, I figured I should celebrate the exciting feelings that come along with new love. Plus my friend Liz , who is in a new relationship, told me to lighten up and not be such a downer.

"New love" could mean lots of things. The most obvious variation is falling in love with someone you've been seeing for awhile. Then there's that person you get your coffee from everyday because you're secretly a little obsessed with them. Or maybe it's slightly inappropriate, like your insanely good-looking and insightful co-worker with whom you'd enjoy spending V-Day in another life, perhaps.

None of these have necessarily been me of course, I'm just saying.

For those of you who have recently fallen hard or are working up the nerve to talk to someone you've eyed from afar, I present a playlist that helps you indulge these feelings. To see some of my suggestions, just hit play.

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