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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Men In Trees: Sweatering It Out

One thing I always love about this show and will continue to love is all the supporting characters. I’m also a big fan of Marin (obviously) but I like her more when she’s dealing with the craziness of all the other regulars. Where are Buzz and Mai? Where are all of Celia’s snappy returns? Where is that Marin and Jack spark thatI love to see every week? That’s hard to duplicate when Jack and Marin don’t actually share any screen time. And I’m definitely missing it.

Now that Marin’s committed herself to Jack and has turned into a woman who waits by the phone and knits, is she still the same Marin? One thing that remains the same is her propensity to attract trouble. This week’s trouble comes wrapped up in a big Patrick bow. With his memory gone, he’s basically starting from scratch and he sees something he likes in Marin. I laughed out loud when he tried to kiss her — mostly because Marin was so horrified and did a mad scramble to get away from him. It’s interesting to have Patrick look the same and talk the same but have a completely different outlook on life. I wonder when and if he’ll get his memory back.

One person who can’t wait to get the old Patrick back is Annie. I loved these two together but I understand that it’s not such an interesting story dramatically if Annie and Patrick get married and live happily ever after. But it’s tough for me to see Annie in such anguish. When you find the guy you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, you think you’ll have at least a few good years before it all goes to hell. Not so much for our Annie. I was, however, very proud of her for suggesting friendship when she and Patrick didn’t score similarly on Marin’s quiz. She’s trying but what kind of toll is it taking?

Another couple whose relationship is changing, but in a very good way, is Sara and Pastor Eric. As soon as he started talking about people who believe they see the chief seeing him, I knew his faith had been restored and he’d return to his calling. And I’m glad. I’m also happy Sara and Eric can admit they're in love. Good luck with that whole no-sex thing.

Which brings me back to Marin. Former lover and current publisher Stuart calls Marin out of the blue. Well, I guess it really starts with the flowers. He hopes Marin will meet him halfway between Elmo and New York because he can’t stop thinking about her. His call and questions about the nature of Marin’s relationship with Jack ultimately help Marin realize she’s doing the right thing. Maybe she does have to sit by the phone and wait for her man to call, but she seems happy. If that changes I’m sure I’ll see Marin dip her toe back in the dating pool. She was certainly getting some major male attention, perhaps because she’s off the market. As long as she doesn’t date Patrick, I think I'm good.

And I’ve got to mention Jack, too. My only quibble with those ocean scenes was that they didn’t look real. I had a hard time seeing past the wave machine making ripples in a pool surrounded by man-made fog. Maybe it was just me. But it was sad to see Jack and Julia have to untether their raft from Gary’s. But it’s all about survival now, and Gary was badly hurt and sinking. Gary seemed like a good guy, very selfless. It would have been nice to get to know him a little better, but I’m glad Jack’s alive (for now) and trying to make his way back to Marin.

Wow, I can’t believe I almost forgot about Sam and Jane. How cute are they? I’m just so darn happy to see them together and happy. I knew one of them would be smart enough to suggest the bicoastal thing, so I’m not worried about those two at all. I did love Sam’s face when he saw that monster plow truck. Men do love their cars.

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