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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Law & Order: Bottomless

SavingsMart (no need to second guess what company they are talking about) quality control, big company ethics and the Roy Pearson dry cleaners lawsuit was the combination of several stories ripped from the headlines and turned into one story. However, the lawsuit on the missing paints was just left hanging (no pun).

Other than that, this was really well written, and I liked how the ADAs met up with the SavingsMart execs. Seems like L&O is still a bit apprehensive about giving Linus Roache a lot of courtroom scenes (for mainly two reasons: we like McCoy and Roache is not Waterston in the courtroom). That meeting was a good way to give Cutter some good screen time.The SavingsMart story from the secret relationship to the whole toothpaste scandal was really good, in my opinion. Even if it was totally "ripped from the headlines," the story was believable, despite the twists and turns.

Also ... try imagining Jack McCoy shopping for a pink tricycle for his niece. Hmmm.

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