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Sunday, February 17, 2008

CSI: Bull

Who doesn't want to see cowboy's wearing tight jeans and chaps? Country music, the hats, the drawl! Loved it, even if it is the last one for a while...

The "CSI Effect" was awesome in this episode. The scenes of the body mechanics (bull and rider) were totally cool. As for the show itself: coming on strong with the quick humor and sexual innuendos. This is the CSI I grew to love over the past eight years.

"Bull" was very well researched and written. Nice to see the gang back in full swing. Nick having excellent mitigation skills. Warrick's is back to work, even though the "office mole" has not been reveled yet. Grissom's is still down over Sara's departure, but seems more open to talk about it. Hodge's forthcoming about his eclectic movie genera (scary). Wendy's demented storytelling. And one of the better bar scene fights I have seen in quite a while. Humor all around. Overall, I did like this episode very much.

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