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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Worst Week: The Pilot

On a whim I recorded "Worst Week", a new sitcom about a guy who gets into ridiculous situations and in trying to get out of them makes it even worse. The premise could be very mundane, but the execution is phenomenol. This is the under the radar show this season. You must watch it.

The entire show was not only sort of funny, but unrelentingly hilarious. No laugh track, no cheesy set ups, just pure unadulterated gag after gag. A lot needs to be said for the cast, most of whom play straight man to the show's main character Sam, a guy with the absolute worst luck on the planet.

All of the events, as preposterous as they may be, play realistically which is part of the charm and guffaw inducing nature of the show. I somehow wish poor Sam wouldnt be so nice and get himself in these terrible situations but then there would be nothing to laugh at.

The one concern I might have is the ability of the writers to keep up the pace of the gags. As I consider what happened in the pilot, there is a lot going on there and I would be amazed if they were able to keep that sense of momentum going.

As odd as it may sound this show is the closest thing I have seen to the pacing of 24 since that show began. Things just keep happening and happening, adding to this is the fact that the first episode ends so abruptly with another "oh no, NO WAY!" moment and it would seem to indicate that the show is called "Worst Week" because the entire season takes place in one week.

I know I review a lot of stuff on here, and that I sometimes have unique taste, but I am begging you to check out this show. It is worth your time and your laughs. So give it a shot.

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