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Friday, October 3, 2008

Prison Break: Shut Down

"Not every geek with a Commodore 64 can hack into NASA." - Roland

I think I'm already starting to see how much of this season of Prison Break is going to play out. A constant struggle for Scofield and his team to deliver while pressure from Don and his Homeland Security buddies continues to weigh them down. I doubt very much that this is the last time the threat of being shut down will be used. It wouldn't surprise me if there was a mention of it every week - I am talking about their freedom after all. With that in mind, get ready to hear something that I imagine I'll probably be typing a lot as I review this season: the hunt for the remaining Scylla cards continues!

OK, so first I want to talk about Wyatt and Bruce. Well, more so Bruce. How did Bruce know that Sara was in Los Angeles? I'm sure he knows Wyatt hit her house by now, but I don't think he knew she was in LA now. Regardless, that's what he told Wyatt after hours of truth serum injections. And now he's dead, so there's really no point in trying to fill in all the gaps. Swiss-cheese television my friends.

Moving on to T-Bag, who has quickly become the most interesting character on the show. While everyone else is busy being Don's gopher, T-Bag is hot on the late Whistler's trail. Using the information he found in that packet in the locker, he found a furnished apartment, IDs for Cole Pfeiffer (and alter ego or real name?), and work info. Specifically, for some nondescript sales corporation called Gate. Apparently Cole worked there and was one of the company's top earners.

So what's this all about? Was this what Whistler did for a living before The Company got to him? Or does Gate have some sort of connection to Pad Man's crew? Also, why is the CEO so anxious to meet "Cole?" To be honest, his enthusiasm seemed a little fake and I wonder if T-Bag is walking into some sort of trap?

More thoughts...

I know I shouldn't even bother asking, but how exactly did Michael know that all the people at Pad Man's meeting were indeed the final Scylla carriers? Did they all take their cards out of their pocket and raise them to the sky in some sort of evil pseudo-Captain Planet chant?

I loved when Scofield knew exactly where the server would be and Roland asked if he was some sort of engineer. Ha! Yeah... you could say that.

What exactly are Pad Man and Tuxhorn testing in Laos and why is 10,000 an acceptable casualty rate? What are they building or making? Advanced weaponry? Nukes? Some sort of super bug?

Who's the woman in the picture Don looked at? Wife? Sister? Did The Company do something to her?

So Pam Mahone is still alive apparently. Wyatt only killed the son. She's in protective custody now and I imagine she was able to ID Wyatt, which would explain how Lang was able to get Alex a file on him. It was good to see Linc finally cut Mahone some slack too.

Call me crazy, but shouldn't a multi-national, billion dollar funded, anti-US terrorist group have a better code system than what Michael figured out? First letters only? Putting one piece of paper over the other? I had more intricate codes when I passed notes in third grade.

Alright... ready for it... the hunt for the remaining Scylla cards continues! I honestly don't care about that right now though. T-Bag is who I am paying attention to. I want to know exactly what Whistler was up to in his pre-Sona days. The Gate Corporation? Cole Pfeiffer? How did he get tied up with Gretchen? What else is in that bird book? I need answers.

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