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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bones: Man in the Outhouse

The Case:
The host of a reality TV show that specializes in helping women catch their cheating men is found dead in an outhouse. I’ll spare you the particulars, even though the show doesn’t. It’s a grossie. Lots of suspects; I was actually very surprised by the outcome. I also thought (busted by) Bill was going to be a nice guy, but, he was kind of a turd sandwich. No pun intended.

I wanted to like the new girl, Daisy, but…she was just too annoying. I liked all the moments where Hodgins, Cam and Brennan put her in her place. Her moment of trying to pick up Sweets was off the charts cute, though.

Cam was back to her smart, fierce ways. I was happy about that.

Not really any Angela and Hodgins tension, which seemed weird, but…whatever.

B+B (Booth & Brennan):
Can I say I like Booth in his office? There’s a comfort zone there, and I find him attractive when he’s in the zone. On the other hand, Brennan does not find him attractive, funny, or anything nice when he’s all up in her business about the two guys she’s dating. I liked how he and Sweets interrupted her date, and I also like how Sweets kind of called him on it.

Fave lines of the night…both from my main man, Booth, straight to his girl, Bones:
“My gut says you’re going with your gut on this one, and we all know how that ends up. Not good” (cute finger waggle).

“Look, I’m sorry. If Mark and Jason don’t know how lucky they are; they don’t deserve you in the first place.” (Bren scoffs: All relationships are temporary) “Ah, no, that’s not true, Bones. You’re wrong, okay? There is someone for everyone. Someone you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. All right? You just have to be open enough to see it. That’s all.”

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