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Friday, October 17, 2008

Fringe: The Same Old Story

"If you've read my file, then you know the truth about Peter's medical history." -- Dr. Walter Bishop

Ok, let's start with that quote. What the heck is he talking about? That maybe Peter is a clone or something? Seriously, that was probably the most interesting thing about this episode, and it happened at the very last second. I guess that's what they want -- to leave me hanging, so I'll be back for more.

I have mixed emotions about this episode. On the one hand, it seemed all over the place. There was the main plot about the baby that aged at a rapid rate and died, the killer on the loose who's stealing peoples' pituitary glands so he can stay young, the doctor who refused to talk about his previous cloning experiments, Massive Dynamic's Nina trying to recruit Olivia ... it all seemed a little scattered to me.

Aside from Dr. Bishop's ending words about Peter's medical history, my favorite part of this episode was when he removed the eye of the girl who died and was able to pinpoint the last thing she saw by projecting her retinal history, so to speak, onto a screen, thus helping Olivia and Peter track down the killer.

Scenes like that make me wonder if these things are in the works for real. Like, is someone working on this technology? Is it even possible? And are there people out there cloning armies?

The little scenes between the three main players are fun, too: Walter and Peter living together, Peter and Olivia making a tiny connection, Walter happily signing away his rights to the feds while Peter vehemently balks at the prospect, Walter fiddling with the seat warmer in the car ("It warms your ass! It's wonderful"). And then there's the cow. She and Walter seem to have a little connection going there. Really, all of this was a lot more interesting to me than the case itself.

And now, here's my question: At the end, Walter was lulling himself to sleep by counting numbers and Peter was singing, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," and then it cut to to the scene with the three guys lying on slabs in a lab setting. What does it mean?

I played it back on my DVR and paused the scene. Although I couldn't see the guy in the middle, the guys on either side of him looked like twins. So maybe it was a cloning experiment that Walter was remembering...? Which brings me back to my original question: Is Peter a clone?

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