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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prison Break: Eagles and Angels

On Prison Break, the boys zeroed in on a second Scylla cardholder, a key piece of the puzzle was eliminated, and Sara neared a precipice as she came to terms with Bruce Bennett's death.

I reserve the right to single out the episodes that are clinkers. And this was one of 'em. While I am on board with this season's structure in principle, they're really going to need to shake things up with each cardholder to keep this from feeling like the same 42 minutes week after week.

I also have some requests to make moving forward - Give "the Device" that copies the Scylla cards a name. I do not want to hear it called The Device week after week. Surely, Roland, its creator, assigned it some wicked-cool acronym. How about the DUPER (Digital UPloader and Electronic Replicator?).

That said, do not name The Device anything close to "the Bird Book," aka the silliest-sounding MacGuffin any thriller/mystery has employed. I still roll my eyes that these beefy guys are in hot pursuit of… the Bird Book.

Speaking of the Bird Book, how utterly random is it? What, every step of T-bag's journey he will find a room number or phone number or name and somewhere in the book is a corresponding note? No correlating information/added info on the page, just that number or named scribbled down? To what end??

As for the balance of this episode, I must also admit that I'm not feeling the MiSara chemistry anymore. Maybe it's just because they are in an impossible/romance-deficient situation. Plus, with all that’s happened to her since Michael entered her life, she has got to feel like, "Wow, I have the suckiest life now." That said, I was glad to see she didn’t nip at the bourbon, though her very choice to hit a bar — and then get pick-pocketed, leading Cress Williams' stone-faced killer to her heels — could have just as dire consequences.

I'm glad to see Bellick play a greater role in things. He is right to be thinking ahead to the break-in that will actually end this mission. And the poor guy looked so distraught after knifing the guard who was about to pop Linc. Bellick to the rescue!"

The value of the kip is at 10 right now." Wha?!

"I like to think of myself as handi-capable." Oh, T-Bag, only you could make that line not sound like mocking.

Did the casting call for the GATE receptionist simply read: "Sunny disposition, oversized bosom"?

And lastly, toward the end, Roland outright lied about Lisa Tabak's cell phone. I freeze-framed his laptop screen before he closed the windows, and it was all address book and calendar info. Boys, have we got ourselves a mole?

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