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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Prison Break: Safe and Sound

On this episode of Prision Break, a third Scylla card was targeted, Michael continued to hide a secret from Sara, and T-Bag's cover began to unravel.

First off, a moment of silence for the news that William Fichtner has landed the lead in a brand-new TNT pilot. Great news for Bill, but a seeming omen for the Break. Sure, "technically" Night and Day is second position to Prison Break – meaning, if Mahone and the show stay alive, Fichtner has to take a knee on the new series – but that rarely happens.

Speaking of Mahone, I liked how the show opened with Alex and his wife reuniting, and her urging him to find and slay the "monster." She wants normalcy as much as he does, and knows the things he must do to get there. What a cool couple they are.

How "fitting" that T-Bag's fortunes changed some more thanks to a tea bag. So, the already random bird book has even-more-secret messages that can be revealed by water. OK…. Sucre and Bellick went looking for Teodoro, but busty receptionist kept him hidden — for now, and in exchange for three percent of, well, nothing. Now, though, she's having second thoughts about perhaps giving Brad a ring.

Phone numbers that could or could not be called was a theme this week, as the motel clerk nearly ratted out Mahone, but how awesome was it that Alex stayed a step ahead and instead emerged as the one with a bead on Cress Williams' killer. (Name, please?)

This week's card theft was "fine," though I think I have seen the Faux Maintenance Guys Shtick played once too often elsewhere. That secretary was remarkably patient with the guys' noisy, noisy wet-vac. And I was curious how the interior of the safe would look once the guys opened it from the other side. Did I not see any indication of a sawed-and-plugged hole?

So here it is, three cards down, three to go. But the bad news for the boys is that the General is onto them, and Self is about to get intense face time with… Cress Williams' killer. Meanwhile, Gretchen – plucky, plucky Gretchen – has overpowered her captor and looks very, very mad. Watch out for her… Cress Williams' killer!

The whole Laos thing that Sara was Googling on her PDA, while Rolland kept a wary eye on her? Zzzz. Not sure what that taught me?

What is the deal with Michael's nose bleeds?

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