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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fringe: The Ghost Network

"I'm making my own medication in the lab." -- Walter Bishop

I've passed through the third episode of Fringe, and I'm still grooving on the show. What I love best about it isn't the X-Files-type storylines, it's pretty much all been done before. But I love the characters, especially the talented John Noble.

I'm betting Noble will find a way with his scattered, brilliant character of Walter Bishop. He can knock your socks off with just one look or movement, and he has plenty to work with in the character of Walter -- whether he's making his own medication in the lab or trying to navigate a cell phone. He remembers where all his crap from 17 years ago is stashed, but can't remember that they put the family dog down two decades ago.

Not exactly the kind of guy you want doing brain surgery on you, but that's just what tonight's subject has to endure. Well, that is, after Walter sends Olivia and Peter on a mission to find a device he made in 1983. It's buried in the wall of their old house in Cambridge, so of course, the pair break in there and retrieve the device, which looks like something out of a Mystery Science Theater movie.

It's all centered around some research that Walter did years ago on the "Ghost Network," a sort of inter-cranial way to listen in on other peoples' conversations that puts the Patriot Act to shame.

Peter and Olivia are growing on me, too. Olivia seems like she could be your next-door neighbor. Well, an intense, Type-A neighbor who gets up and jogs at 5 a.m. I appreciate the interactions between the characters, as well as Peter and Walter's surprising talent as pianists. Peter's version of "Someone to Watch Over Me," as agent Broyles meets with Nina Sharp, was spot on.

And what's up with that meeting anyway? Either Homeland Security is working with Massive Dynamic, or perhaps Broyles is actually a double agent of sorts.

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