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Monday, October 20, 2008

Supernatural: Lazarus Rising

"Why’d you do it?” “Because God commanded it. Because we have work for you.”

That exchange between Dean and Castiel ended the premiere of Supernatural's fourth season. The episode, entitled "Lazarus Rising," signaled the show going in a more biblical direction. After Dean dug his way out of the pine box that was his grave, he was reunited with Bobby and then Sam. The big news: I learned Sam started utilizing his powers and Dean was saved by an angel named Castiel.

The Resurrection

I saw flashes of hell and then I saw darkness. All of a sudden I heard Dean breathe back into existence. He was conveniently (too conveniently) buried with a lighter. I guess Sammy was thinking ahead. And Dean quickly dug his way out of the pine box Sam and Bobby buried him in after he died. I was worried about how Buffy Dean’s resurrection and then his escape from his grave was going to get. Any fan of the vampire slayer knows Buffy was pulled out of what I later learned was some heaven-like place. But her escape was pretty brutal as she clawed her way out of her grave.

As for Dean, other than his raspy voice and some smudges on his face and arms, he really wasn’t that bad off; a fact which was scary in its own right, since I know the guy was in hell for four months probably being continuously tortured. At the gas station, Dean gathered supplies and wondered why he didn’t have any scars from those vicious hellhounds that tore him apart. However, he did have a mysterious hand print on his arm.

The Reunions

How great was Dean’s reunion with Bobby? I have always loved any scene that involves those two — they’re unexpectedly emotional. When Bobby finally realized he wasn’t talking to a Dean shapeshifter or revenant, that this was the real deal, it was just awesome. Bobby dousing Dean with the holy water was cool too. But as great as this reunion was, I was waiting for the one between Sam and Dean. After Sam got over his doubts about who turned up at his hotel room door in Pontiac, Illinois, the two brothers hugged. My top three Sam and Dean moments during "Lazarus Rising" were:

1) The hug. Duh.
2) Sam gave Dean his amulet back.
3) Sam and Dean ogled Pamela Barnes (the psychic) together. I liked this scene because Sam and Dean both appreciated Pamela’s "assets." Sam wasn’t just about the case; it was a lighthearted moment between the brothers.

The Brothers' Relationship

Even though Sam and Dean shared some touching moments, all was not right in their world. They’ve always kept a secret or two from each other. After all, Dean still hasn’t found out about Mary recognizing the demon that killed her. But what transpired in this episode has really set the brothers on two different paths. Sam told Dean that Ruby was dead. I know that she never died. She just switched bodies (more on that in a little bit). Sam was pretty vague about what he did during his four months without Dean. And he certainly lied about using his powers. Dean told Sam he couldn’t remember anything about hell. But I know he’s been getting some flashes (not much, but it was still something). He also lied about going to summon the thing that pulled him out of hell. I’ve got lies, half-truths, omissions and differing agendas threatening to separate the Winchesters.

Plus, Sam has been working with a demon (Ruby) and tapping into the dark side in order to do some good: saving people and ridding the world of demons. Dean, on the other hand, may end up working for an angel who has proven to be more than just a halo and fluffy wings. In this episode, he was fierce but also destructive. Just ask Pamela. In the past I’ve always been wary about anything that splits up the brothers. I haven’t changed my opinion on that subject, but I have to say I don’t mind the brothers keeping secrets from each other this season.

Other thoughts:

The classic rock recap was back: AC/DC’s "Shook Me All Night Long" started Season 4 off with a bang.

Loved Dean at the empty gas station. He quickly went for candy, water and a copy of his favorite porn mag.

Wedge Antilles is a Star Wars reference.

Sam drove the Impala!

The new Ruby: the jury’s out for me. To me, she felt like a whole new character. Katie Cassidy’s Ruby was as sarcastic as Dean, could give as good as she got, and was pretty questionable morally even if she was doing something good. While I watched and liked Genevieve Cortese, her Ruby seemed pretty tame. She also seemed too nice. Ruby offered to step back, although I do think it has something to do with who pulled Dean out of hell. But it was weird to hear her say she didn’t want to come between the brothers. So I’ve decided to reserve my judgment, because who knows what will happen in the future with this character.

Castiel: I liked this guy immediately. Misha Collins is definitely a keeper. And mighty sexy too. Sorry, I just had to go there. But I can’t wait to see how things develop between Castiel and Dean in the future. I loved that shot of Castiel's wings, by the way.

Pamela Barnes: Her scenes with Bobby, Sam and Dean were great. Hope to see her again.

Dean couldn’t see Castiel in his pure form. I wonder if we’ll ever meet anyone who has the power to see him.

Sam’s turned into a much better liar.

Dean finding the Impala equipped with an iPod dock and playing Sam’s emo music was classic. What was that song anyway? Loved when he threw the iPod in the back seat.

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