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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bones: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

Zack is gone, leaving a huge hole in the team. The premier was set in London with Booth and Bones cracking jokes and flirting with their British counterparts. While in America, Angela’s husband showed up to win back her hand but in the end granted her the divorce, slept with Cam, and broke her and Hodgins up. Each episode has featured a Zack replacement who points out how strange their work relationships are and promptly quits.

A dismembered body is found in twelve parts, with the head missing. The victim is Jared Addison an Obsessive Compulsive Science fiction writer, who lived with his mother. He was dating a women 28 years his senior, he recently overcame his disorder, had confrontations with his publisher, his coffee man, and his girlfriends son. As they investigate, Booth is having back pains and Bones gets to drive the car.

Meanwhile the latest Zack replacement worries that Bones wants him to be her boy toy and Hodgins is butting head with Cam over moving into Zack’s working space. We see him visit his best bud in the hospital and giving him the file in case he can find something they overlooked.

At the very end after Zack strolls out of the Mental Institution and pinpoints the mother as the murderer, he admits to Sweets that he did not stab anyone. I feel so much better about the whole thing. He refused to allow Sweets to tell his friends, because he feels that given the order he would have killed him. Kudos to the writers for revealing that Zack would never kill anyone but it was possible he could be persuaded to a certain way of thinking.

Zack!!! I was pissed when he was revealed to be Gormogon’s apprentice, but this episode soothed my aching heart. I loved how he switched the barcode strip on Sweets ID with the one on his library card. Absolutely awesome. How sad was it to see Hodgins visiting his best friend in a mental institution?

The scene with Zack, Cam, Angela, and Hodgins in the restaurant. It was bittersweet as they will probably never get to hang out like that again. It’s too bad Bones wasn’t there to complete the team.

Sweets on the Case. In this episode he actually had something to do, instead of tagging along and making remarks about Booth and Bones relationship. When he analyzed the victims room I burst into laughter, I don’t know what it is about that character but he just cracks me up.

I really didn’t like the Bones/Booth subplot. The whole ‘you’re always defending me’ and ‘I’m a man, its what I do.” just fell flat. And I am really tired of Sweets sticking his puny little head into their conversations to say.. “This is an interesting development….”

I was so happy to see Zack but please. Zack escaped from the hospital and just walked into the Jeffersonian? I mean c’mon, he helped them out, went to dinner, and then strolled back into the Institution..... A little too easy.

Sweets: "What if he overpowers me?"
Bones: "Zack? I think you can take him."
Zack: "I’m stronger than I look."

Zack to Sweets: “Hodgins assured me I would not do well in prison."

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