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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Automatic for the People

The plot for the series has become convoluted very quickly. I take that as a good thing since it means the series can potentially last a few years. My favorite part remains the flash forward in this episode, brief as it was. The rest of it was good but not particularly memorable.

Time travel has certainly become a revolving door in this show. It used to be more difficul. Now people are falling through time-doors that are powered by jet engines - much more easily. Maybe they've improved the technology in the future. This is getting to be a bigger time war than the one in Doctor Who.

I wonder what other people Cameron means when she says people will get worried. Does she mean herself? Is that John/Cameron romance looking just a smidgen more likely? Or does she mean someone else entirely? On a side note, Thomas Dekker looks very different with the shorter hair.

Consider John Connor jumped from 1999 to 2007 in the premiere episode and can't seem to stay in the same school, it's no wonder he can't connect with any other students. Why even register him in school? What time-traveling truant officer is going after him? I suppose attending makes him talk to people and remember who he's actually fighting for in the future. I did like Riley's modern example of courting: "you got $20? I'm still hungry".

More on Riley: it wouldn't surprise me if I learned later on that Riley is none other than Catherine Weaver. The character acts more human-like than any other Terminator I've seen thus far. And she now knows the safe word to talk to John.

Random thoughts:

Notice that the show still takes place in 2007 due to the shortened season last year? The code was "16 November 2007".

John Connor has an awesome bedroom. I'm just saying. Here I figured he'd lose his virginity to Cameron. He still might.

Is it me or does Charley's wife look a little like Linda Hamilton? Truly he missed Sarah Connor a lot when she disappeared. That was quite a bitch slap that the wife got in.

And today's blatant product placement is the Dodge Ram.

Sarah and Cameron are hanging out with each other so much, they're starting to dress alike.

Cameron was acting pretty slow this episode. I wonder if something is wrong with her programming. She's certainly endured a lot of punishment and did turn evil once. I did like today's nugget of wisdom, "girls are complicated".

I like how they examined Sarah's fear of the cancer that would/will eventually kill her by having the story take place at a nuclear power plant.

That dying man from the future sure had a lot of blood. He practically wrote a novel on that wall.

The story continues. While I felt it was middle-of-the-road in quality I do realize that it's part of a larger narrative and am looking forward to future episodes.

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