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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bones: The Finger in the Nest

The Case: Starts out when Parker (yay!) and Booth are playing football. Nice moments. Parker finds a human finger in a birds’ nest. He thinks it’s cool. Booth thinks he’s scarred for life. When the body previously attached to the finger is figured to be veterinarian Seth Elliott, the gang gets involved in figuring out how he could have been killed by a dog. Quite a few suspects, and once again, I was surprised by the outcome. And…for the time in a row, Bren figured out the murderer before Booth.

The Squints: LOVED the new guy. Sad he’s not going to be around (I assume). I think the J-team could use a ‘Dad’ like figure around to help them talk things through.
  • Cam: Meh, she was good, but, nothing new.
  • Angela: Kind of the same, and I totally got how she wanted to quit that job and move to somewhere glorious with her art. I get that. Her moment with Hodgins was sad and nice…which brings me too…
  • Hodgins: Stole the show. Hands down. Loved him. Love his hate and anger and broken heartedness (is that even a word?), and I loved his butting in to say the answer first on the phone. I especially loved his end session with Sweets….which brings me to
  • Sweets: Hmmm…I like Sweets. I just feel that when he’s in his office, or even the FBI building, then he is in the zone. His work with and about Parker was great, and his conversation with Hodgins was terrific. But when he’s at the Jeff? He annoys me and everyone else there, too. Don’t know if it’s on purpose. Thoughts?
Booth and Brennan: I love compassionate Brennan. She does have a big heart. This time she displayed it toward the dogs, and that was nice. Her end speech was great. People should take a lesson about seeing the good in others. I felt sorry for her that she opened her heart toward Ripley and planned to give him a home, only to have that taken out of her hands. I think Ripley represents Zack. That explains why Booth felt so much compassion for her…which brings me to….

I love Booth. I especially love casual dad Booth and kind, dog grave digging Booth. He is good. Not much more I can say but this….this blog was brought to you by his warm, reassuring, brown eyes…

Fave line of the night: “I’d say ‘King of the Lab’, but that just depresses me.” Holler, Hodgins, holler.

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