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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eureka: Here Come The Suns

The town of Eureka may be known for scientific work, but the people rally around other items, too. When a mayoral race comes up, more than a few citizens get involved. Zoey, daughter of Jack, wants her boyfriend, Lucas to win. Unreasonable? Maybe. They face some stiff competition, though. Vincent, owner of Cafe Diem, throws his hat in the ring too.

Perhaps the most qualified person running is Dr. Herrera, who certainly acts the part. Out of all three candidates, I was prepared for his victory speech. After Eva Thorne backs him, trouble rears its ugly head.

What is it with this woman? She came to town after an internal GD disaster, but she clearly has a hidden agenda. Eva Thorne is rising to the occasion if "villain" describes this character best. I don't have a problem with a classified agenda, after all, a lot of what goes on in Global Dynamics is classified. Technology, while often useful, can also be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

The problem lies in the word "hidden." She refuses to tell anybody what she is trying to do, even Dr. Allison Blake. The last time this town had a big secret, everyone in the entire lab nearly got killed, along with the sheriff. Oops!

By all means, thermal clean a lab. Just remove any bodies first. Should they be innocent victims, they can be buried. A trial is a little tricky if the defendants are deceased.

Now then, I wonder how long it will take before Eva finds out Henry Deacon got elected mayor. Zane Donovan got pulled into Eva's scheme simply because Henry refused to. He knows how secrets can do more harm than good.

Jack and Eva are adept at portraying two persons on opposite sides. Neither backs down, but they both want to keep others out of harm's way. Hearing the protest of "it's not what you think" sounds false to my ears, and I'm glad to see the disbelief in Jack's face when Eva delivers the line. All Eva needs to do is share a small part of her plan and she could be left alone. Good luck with the secrets.

Even the extra sun was not enough to overshadow the storyline which has run through all the episodes this season so far. Enough already. Get the truth out and send Eva packing. This town needs a breath of fresh air, and soon.

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