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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nip/Tuck: Everett Poe

I really don't know what Sean thinks he's doing. Sure, Kate seems nice. She's beautiful, smart, and funny too. But could I really find it in myself to stay with someone who craps in a hot tub while I'm trying to make out with them? It might sound shallow, but that definitely counts as a defining moment that should at least make me question the relationship. Kate has way too much emotional baggage and with the way Sean's life has gone, the last thing he needs is a crazy chick. Christian is right. Sean sure can pick 'em.

Eden is an interesting character though. The relationship between her and her mother is odd at best. Olivia seems to defend her daughter no matter how cruel she is. I can't wait to see how Eden rubs off on Annie. Back to Olivia, I almost wonder if she lied to Sean about the riding accident just so he'd agree to fix Eden's hymen. I just refuse to believe that girl when she says she's a virgin. That seems like something that Olivia would do though. She's very manipulative when it comes to dealing with people. I think Julia is a little smitten still.

I can't say that I'm surprised that Olivia gave Julia "permission" to sleep with Christian. It's just more manipulation on Olivia's part. She's driving Julia right back into her arms but stripping away all the things that Julia thought she was. I like how Liz doesn't buy it though. Julia certainly does seem uncomfortable but at this point, it's almost as if she's being guilted into staying.

Speaking of manipulation, how 'bout Matt and Kimber? Meth addicts! They're gonna kill that baby! Poor thing, just sitting in its bassinet, breathing in all that second-hand freebase smoke. I wonder if they were using while Kimber was still pregnant? Was Jenna born in withdrawal? Maybe not, I'm trying to remember how preggers Kimber was at the end of last season. Either way, they're definitely not Scientologists anymore and they blew Sean's $250K on drugs. I can't wait for someone to find out about this. They can only mooch so much before questions get asked. I was surprised that neither Sean nor Christian picked up on how strung-out Matt was. Sweaty, dirty clothes, bloodshot eyes. He looked like an addict.

The episode's featured patient, Everett Poe, was a total freak. Plastic surgery addict. But because he owned a high-end salon and promised to send patients to McNamara/Troy, Christian agreed to work on him. I wish we had seen more of him though. His "hide who you are" mystique was interesting. Christian seemed to pick up on it though, since he's now added male prostitute to his resume. Hilarious. That's got to be the ultimate job for him. He gets off thinking that he's such a catch and now people are paying him for it. Talk about an ego high.

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