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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nip/Tuck: Chaz Darling

"You don't want to play this game with me." - Christian

No you don't. The second Christian said that to Eden, a clock started and all episode long I was waiting for the alarm to go off. What was he going to do to her? For a minute, I honestly thought nothing. He gave her the pills and Eden was on her way, her mouth shut about Christian and Julia's night together. Maybe it was because I watched the episode early in the morning and I was still a little drowsy, but I never saw it coming. Well played Dr. Troy.

The funniest thing about all of this? Eden is probably a drug addict anyway! She's one of the shallowest, most self-absorbed, image obsessed characters I've ever met on the show. Add in her giant-nippled BGF (best gay friend) Chaz telling her she needs to lose some weight (what?!) and she's probably been popping diet pills and who knows what else for a while. Of course, Christian knew he had to give her the percocet and the xanax to really sell it to Olivia and Julia.

Speaking of Olivia, I gained a lot more respect for her in this episode. She yelled at Eden when she found out about how her daughter was blackmailing Christian and she supported everything during the intervention. She's not the pushover who sides with her daughter no matter what like I initially thought. If only she knew about that hidden camera in her bedroom.

Eden isn't stupid though. It'll be great to see how she retaliates when she's out of rehab in six weeks. She's the only one saying what everyone else is thinking though (especially Liz): Julia isn't a lesbian.

The dynamic between Sean and Kate was getting a little old and I'm partially glad that they finally hit a rough patch. Honestly, I think I enjoyed it more when they had more interaction on the set Hearts and Scalpels. But now that Sean has finally admitted that he can't shake the image of Kate "unloading" in the hot-tub... well, that's a deal-breaker. Add in his confession that his proposal was based on fear and not love... well, that too. Oh and don't forget Kate's fantasy (seemed like more of a natural attraction) of having sex with a black man. Sounds like this relationship is doomed.

The obvious set-up was that Sean is still in love with Julia and that's exactly what happened. With Eden gone for six weeks, that story might get shelved for a while. However, that doesn't mean there aren't other ways for Sean to find out.

Moving on to Kimber and Matt. Wow. They just keep heading downhill, huh? They're still smoking meth like crazy, the baby is clearly going through some sort of withdrawal from all the smoke. That and she's malnourished. It sounds terrible, but I'm finding the whole situation a little comical. I mean... they really let this happen? Matt's fantasy is a kitchen stocked with baby formula! Don't even get me started on his willingness to star in a gay porn flick for drug money. I think the one thing that worries me is that there won't be any commitment to one side of the story. Will they get better or won't they? I just want to see one side go all the way. So far... drugs: 1, the church: 0.

More thoughts:

The safe word is "big-wheel."

I've always found the titles of pornos to be funny, but Kimber's #1 best-seller is one of the best ones yet: Plumbers and Dykes.

When Kimber said she called the church, did she? Seems like it was more of a lie just to get Matt home. After all, if she called the church, she wouldn't be screwing her dealer as payment... right?

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