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Friday, January 4, 2008

Bionic Woman: Trust Issues

Jaime Sommers: Worst. Spy. Ever.

Seriously, I don't care how much money has gone into her, I'd fire her right now, send her back to bartending. She follows a bad guy with a suitcase and then gets distracted by a cell phone call from boyfriend Tom? She couldn't just not answer it or maybe tell him she'll call him back? What is she, 14? She's probably also mad that she's has to, like, totally work and everything, at the same time there's a new Gossip Girl on The CW!

Not only is she distracted by a cell phone call, it leads her to cause a car accident just to get the suitcase back, thereby risking a lot of people seeing her. Couldn't she just keep running and follow the car until it stops? Which leads me to ask, what is with her running anyway? Sometimes she seems to be able to move as quick as The Flash (the scene where she got the upper hand on Tom's cohorts), other times she just seems to run as fast as a really good sprinter. It's really inconsistent. Same thing with her arm strength (she can't pull herself up on a roof with the same bionic arm she picks up other people with and bends giant fans?) and her hearing. But they probably wouldn't have long missions on the show if her powers were consistent, and I'd have to watch 5 minute webisodes on nbc.com.

More bad spy stuff: when little sis asks her and Tom how they met, Jaime says she bought a timeshare. Huh? What a lousy lie to tell your sister that you live with. What, you wouldn't have mentioned that earlier? She just seems really inept. The worst spy since Maxwell Smart. At least he solved cases by accident most of the time. Jaime's ineptness causes the death of her partner.

That's right, Isaiah Washington is killed by an old girlfriend assassin at the end of the episode. Maybe he would have lived through the bullet wound in his gut if Jaime didn't just stand there and looked like a confused supermodel while he was on the ground dying (and why didn't she run fast to get the assassin?). I didn't expect Washington to be off the show so quickly, though it was painfully predictable that the whole "Antonio Pope is a bad guy" plot was going to turn out to be a red herring (another lame deduction by Jaime - she's on a roll!).

I wonder what exactly the point is in killing Pope. I mean, Jaime has already gone through the death of her fiancee' (also by an assassin's bullet - she's bad luck), so why bring on yet another company guy for a handful of episodes just to kill him off? Probably because Washington only agreed to do a certain number of eps? I guess all those plans for a spinoff series involving Washington's character are off, eh? I don't think this plot development had the emotional impact they were hoping for because there wasn't enough character development with Pope.

Despite all this - and I can't really explain my reaction - I still kinda enjoy this show. It's not going to show up on my "Best" list at the end of the season and not on the "Worst" list either. It's just an action show that I don't mind watching for a hour every Wednesday night.

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