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Friday, January 25, 2008

Bionic Woman: Do Not Disturb

Jaime: "Antonio used to say 'a briefcase is never really a briefcase.' "
Jonas: "Yeah, well, Antonio's dead."

I usually highlight a good, funny line of dialogue or exchange, but the above is so laughably bad I had to place it right at the top.

So let me get this straight: Jaime, who doesn't want her sister to know about her spy life because she doesn't want to put her life in danger, brings her along on an assignment to drop off a mysterious package to a mysterious stranger? Yeah, that's a good idea. And then she slips up and gives away info that the bad guy isn't supposed to know that she has, blowing her cover.

I believe I said this before, but I'll say it again: Jamie Sommers is the worst agent in the world.

This continues to be a baffling show, but one that's entertaining. For every single "what the hell?" moment, I get moments like the banter between Nathan and Jaime which is funny, or the scene with Jonas killing the guy posing as the valet. Good stuff. But Michelle Ryan continues to have the personality of a coffee mug, and her sister just brings the whole show down. I find myself screaming at the television, WILL YOU PLEASE JUST TELL YOUR SISTER YOU'RE A SPY?! It's going to come up at some point, and it will probably save her life if she knows what to look out for (strangers coming to the door, weird packages, whatever). Jaime thinks she's protecting little sis when in reality she's putting her life in danger week after week.

And I love the opening scene, with the entire secret organization at a bar saluting the life of Antonio Pope (Isaiah Washington). The scene didn't ring true at all, because I doubt most of these people (except Jaime) would hang out in bars, there was never any hint of any closeness between these people, and it just seemed tacked on to give some continuation to the story of Pope's death. Besides, you'd think they could afford a bar in that deluxe HQ they spend all of their time in.

The plots continue to be somewhat intriguing, but they all end up leading nowhere. Like this episode. Jaime finds out that the sullen, emo-looking guy that her little sis meets at the lodge is the son of a man that needs to be assassinated. That could be an interesting (if contrived) story, but all I get are lots of running around and serious looks from bad guys following them. I was truly, truly, truly hoping that the son would actually turn out to be a bad guy too, helping his dad, and he'd pull a gun on Jaime, but that never happened. And if I can say, if Jaime needs to call her boss, maybe she shouldn't borrow some guy's cell phone. He can now hit "redial" and find out all about the secret organization and maybe even her bionic-ness.

But again, I can't sit here and say it's so bad that I won't continue to watch. I've had shows like that before, but I enjoy this show even though it has, well, bionic flaws.

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