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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bones: The Knight on the Grid

I am now a third of the way through the third season of Bones (or, if the strike doesn't end soon, 3/4 of the way through) and so far so good. This episode continued the trend of good stories by taking the Widow's Son case up a notch and tying up some loose ends in Temperance's life.

I have to say that this was the most dramatic I have seen Booth, Bones and the Squints in a long time. Even the season premiere where they first discovered the silver skeleton had more lighter moments than this episode. Oh, there were a few smiles here and there, but for the most part it was non-stop action from beginning to end. I have no problem with this since I have had plenty of episodes this season that contained a giant dollop of dark humor (Pony Play, anyone?).

At first, I really didn't think they would be moving that far ahead with the Widow's Son case this week. But, as the episode progressed and they discovered more and more about Gormogon and what he was all about I was really hooked. What cinched it for me was the discovery of a true bone skeleton in the mausoleum and the revelation that there was more than one Gormogon running around. That, and the pattern that Gormogon is following in his methodical killings.

When I think about it, the Widow's Son storyline is very Indiana Jones-like in theme. Think about it: ancient secret society out to kill and eat members of good organizations like the Masons and the Knights of Columbus. Bones and the rest of the Squints comprise the intellect of Dr. Jones, while Booth is the brawn. I wouldn't be surprised if one episode finds Seeley in a fedora carrying a bullwhip.

The person who is really helping out in the case, who I thought would not do so, is Lance Sweets. He has an extremely good insight into the mind(s) of Gormogon to the point that he was able to determine that there was more than one killer and there was a pattern to the killings. I think that Sweets personifies the young innocence that Zack once had. Mr. Addy has grown up considerably since becoming a full-fledged member of the Jeffersonian and has lost some of the youthfulness that he had in the first season. Sweets, who may be just as smart as Zack but in a different way, has taken his place. This is probably the reason why John Francis Daley was made a regular.

The thing that got me in the end, even though I knew something was coming, was the final fate of the lobbyist who was deemed 'The Corrupter' by Gormogon. Since he was shown in the last scene montage it was certain that he wouldn't be long for the world. I just didn't know how it would happen. The guy coming at him from the closet was a great ending because it made me go 'What the hell happened?' while rewinding the VCR and then pausing to get a good glimpse of the killer. I guess I won't find out until later in the season what happened to the poor man.

Over to Temperance and her messed-up family. I was wondering when I would finally get to see Russ again, I just didn't know when. Luckily, it was sooner than later and it tied up some loose ends about Bones' family. For too long Temperance's back story has been in limbo. Now, as the third season chugs along, I am beginning to see a bit of stability in her life. Granted, both of the men in her life are in jail right now, but at least she knows where they are.

I have to mention this one thing about Booth -- he must have the best arrest record in the FBI. It seems that fugitives of justice just walk in his door and get handcuffed. Max Brennan did it last season (albeit, in Bones' office) and Russ did it in this episode. The way that his luck is going Osama bin Laden is going to walk up to Seeley one day, put his hands in back of him and say 'Eh, I'm done hiding. Just put me in jail now. At least I'll be sleeping on a cot and not a cave floor anymore'.

I can't end this review of Bones without a mention of the kiss. Was that the first time that Temperance's lips ever touched Seeley anywhere? Yes, it was a peck on the cheek, but it was a meaningful peck on the cheek. One full of gratitude for letting Russ see his 'step-daughter'. That was a very big emotional deal for Bones and I was a bit surprised when it happened.

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