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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nip/Tuck: Dawn Budge II

The return of the best guest star Nip/Tuck has ever had! Say what you will about Rosie O'Donnell (I couldn't stand her on The View), but when she steps into the shoes of Dawn Budge, it's gold. She was one of the highlights of last season (not to mention Christian's first paying "escort" customer) and her trip to Los Angeles easily made this episode an instant Nip/Tuck classic. From her hang-glider scene when the eagle attacked her to the face she made when the "ass bandit" had his way with her, she stole every scene she was in.

It's funny too, because from the first second I saw her with that mangled lip, I immediately thought "she needs to meet Freddy Prune!" And that's just what happened. For a brief moment, I actually thought she was dead when the stage light on the set of Hearts and Scalpels fell on her. However, I'm glad the writers chose to keep her around because O'Donnell and Platt are perfect together. Even though Christian tried to warn Dawn about Freddy's blatantly obvious sexual preferences, I hope Dawn is back for at least another episode so she can figure out that she's just Freddy's "beard." Did you see the face he made when the "ass bandit" poked him? Pure delight.

Now I mentioned earlier that Dawn was Christian's first customer so to speak, and if I recall, she thought sex with Christian was terrible. Well it can't be all that bad, because his new male escort service is taking off. Too bad all the loonies are calling him. A women who wants to be chilled to near death via ice and tranquilizers and then literally f*cked back to life? Um... how 'bout no. Even for Christian, I was surprised that he agreed to that one. Fortunately, I loved the pay-off when he saved the nut-job lady a second time because he prayed. The re-examination of his relationship with God and his childhood abuse is something that hasn't been discussed in a while, but I hope this nun sticks around. I'd love to see Christian explore this side of himself a bit more.

Then there's Sean. Poor Sean. First off, Dylan Walsh has never really wowed me as an actor. He's always been tolerable in this show simply because the role of Sean is so good. Well, Walsh finally sold me in this episode. He was spectacular. That one scene where he "fought" with his weaker half was excellent. The big question is, which half will win? I feel like he's being pushed towards Eden. Clearly Kate has weight and eating issues and Sean seems to be over-compensating by asking her to marry him. He has to sleep with Eden though. At this point, it's the only logical payoff. Notice how Sean's weaker half also seemed to be the more assertive half though? You can be weak and still know what you want.

Speaking of Eden...I had no idea what filthy things she was going to say next. No other character (except maybe Kimber in her porn days) has pushed the envelope this far. She makes for a great character though. But hey -- she has a conscience. She'll teach Annie how to induce vomiting, but cocaine is off-limits. That's what big sisters are for!

Speaking of Annie, what's the deal with her officially going to school in LA now? Or not, since she got kicked out for fooling around with a boy. Regardless, did Julia actually move out west? I'm a little ticked that Connor seems to have been forgotten about it. I was willing to forgive his absence when Julia was supposed to be "visiting," but it seems like she's there for good now. If I recall correctly, I think he's supposed to be at Erica's. You'd think Julia would have gone and gotten him by now though. I wonder if that's Olivia's doing? She seems awfully fake and she's very manipulative. Also manipulative? Matt and Kimber. Where were they in this episode? I want to know how they became meth addicts.

Overall, a great episode. Loved every minute of it.

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