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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bones: Santa in the Slush

"Christmas and skeletons do not go together." -- Both Max Keenan and Seeley Booth, but not at the same time.

No, this isn't a photo taken from a dream sequence of either Bones or Booth. It is actually Seeley and Temperance locking lips. The kiss was performed under duress and a bit of blackmail due to the puckish nature of Caroline Julian. So, it wasn't as intense as I thought their eventual first kiss would be.

Then again, Booth ended up with the gum Bones was chewing right before the kiss. So, maybe this was the kiss that would lead to the eventually blissful relationship of the FBI Agent and the forensic anthropologist.. Only time and several other successful season will tell.

After the last pretty intense episode I was treated to a whimsical installment of Bones, which fit with the 'holiday magic' theme of this episode. Of course, Bones being Bones the magic began after finding a dead Santa in the sewer. They really had fun with the, ahem, myth of Santa in this episode as everything that they discovered about the dead jolly man pointed to the fact that he really was the true Santa Claus.

Everyone, including Bones and Zack, were getting into it. I wouldn't think that would be the case from two of the most analytical members of the Squint Squad. Yet, Zack was starting to believe a bit when they found out that the guy's name was Kris Kringle and that he was kicked by a reindeer. And, Bones was like a little kid when she and Booth went to the Santa's apartment (above a toy store, no less) and saw all the cool, yet creepy, stuff this Santa had. Personally, I loved the holiday train set in the middle of the room.

Unfortunately, not everything was pure and innocent (and weird) about this Santa. Booth found a whole bunch of money hidden away in one of his dresser drawers. Now, this is where I got confused about the mystery...was it this particular Santa who was the pick pocket, or was it David DeLuise. I seemed to think that it was Kris, but it was implied that Mr. Kringle confronted the other Santa about his habits.

Either way, DeLuise's Santa was arrested for the murder of Kris. This didn't make the other temporary Santas happy at all. I don't believe I have ever heard a more menacing version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town before. I will always hear that song in a different light from now on.

Even though the Squints and Dr. Sweets (who is now named in the opening credits and said 'Was there tongue involved?' after Bones told him he and Booth kissed) were seen in this episode it was pretty much all Bones and Booth. They were both a bit miserable about the upcoming Christmas holiday, and not just because they found a dead Santa. Seeley was grumpy because his son was going to Vermont to spend the holiday with his mother, while Temperance was upset that she could not get her criminal family together for a Christmas celebration.

I knew that things would turn out okay for my favorite non-couple because the heart of the show is, well, heart. Booth got to spend Christmas day with his son after Parker came to find him and, thanks to the mistletoe kiss, Bones got her family together. I really enjoyed the musical montage showing how everyone was celebrating the holiday. There were the festively-dressed Squints smiling and hugging and passing around gifts, followed by Max looking at a barren trailer interior, followed by a very sad Booth. As the music continued the scenes switched and, all of a sudden, Max and Russ were being festive, and Seeley was reunited with his son. It was very heartwarming.

And, I'll admit it, I teared up a bit when Booth appeared outside with a Christmas tree.

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