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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dirty Sexy Money - The Country House

I learned a little bit about Simon's beef with the Darlings, although it was hard to completely believe either side of the story. Letitia and Karen's plan to sabotage Nick's marriage entered phase one, and Patrick's marriage took an unusual turn. Meanwhile, Jeremy pretended to be poor and Brian pretended to be a caring father. The results of their efforts were varied.

Things aren't looking so good for Lisa and Nick's relationship. A lot of the blame rests on Nick's shoulders. For starters, he didn't tell Lisa about last episode's kiss. Didn't he learn anything from the trip to Italy? If Nick wants to set his marriage right, he must be totally honest with Lisa about his dealings with Karen. Otherwise, these little revelations will keep popping up at bad moments. Nick is making Letitia and Karen's job really easy right now.

On the other hand, Lisa is also partially responsible for her problems with Nick. It seems like every week Lisa finds a way to get irritated with Nick and his relationship with the Darling family. This week, she was angry that Nick's job was keeping him from painting. As grievances go, this one was pretty weak. Seriously, Lisa can buy an expensive work of art, but they can't get someone in to paint while Nick is working? I'm beginning to worry about those two. It's clear that Lisa wants to fight for her marriage, but Nick continues to follow in Dutch's footsteps. Will his job cost him his family?

Thank goodness for Jeremy and Clark! This episode would have been pretty heavy on the drama without Jeremy's "poor man" storyline. I wasn't in love with this plot development at first, but I'm officially on board now that Clark is involved. Jeremy "Babeson" could use a fatherly influence from someone like Clark. It was cute that he went to the limo driver for tips on being a regular guy; Clark probably earns more money than I do. Jeremy's not quite an everyman yet, though: he used his famous name to get a table at a restaurant, and he had no idea how to get back to Manhattan from Brooklyn. When Sofia directed Jeremy to the subway, he looked as though she had recommended that he take a magic carpet back into the city. It looks like he'll have to get an average Joe's apartment, too.

There were a lot of sit-downs going on in this episode. Brian began his battle for custody of Brian Jr., and things didn't go so well. Nick had a fair settlement arranged, but Brian had to go and take legal advice from Karen. When he couldn't buy Brian Jr. from Andrea, he made a heavy-handed attempt to bribe the arbitrator. I expected Andrea to take the bait, but perhaps she's holding out for significantly more money. Either way, I don't trust her at all. Brian Jr. doesn't have the most ideal parents to choose from; maybe Clark can adopt him. Things keep going badly for Brian--his family's in China, he could lose his son, and now he might be in trouble with the law. I'm afraid of what's in store for him.

The second major sit-down involved Patrick, Ellen, and Carmelita. In this case, Patrick was like a child being fought over, and he had no say whatsoever in how his time would be divvied up. Ellen showed a lot of spirit during the meeting, but Carmelita has the upper hand when it comes to Patrick (and she knows it). Carmelita isn't just Patrick's mistress; he can talk to her with far more intimacy than he can with Ellen. Ellen is really just the face of the marriage, while Carmelita and Patrick have the actual relationship. Scratch that: Ellen is the face and the trigger finger. The shotgun moment was unexpected, to say the least.

The final sit-down was where all the big dirt came out. Simon's hatred of the Darlings goes all the way back to his childhood. His father had an affair with Tripp's mother, which leaves room for even more theories about who is related to whom. This revelation also presented another possible motive for Dutch's murder; Dutch was the one who had Simon's family deported to Russia. Simon has moved up another level on my evil genius scale; his response to Tripp's ambush was pretty scary. He basically demolished Darling Plaza for spite, and to send a threatening message to Tripp. What will the man do next?

Some doubt was cast on Tripp's character as well. Simon was under the impression that Tripp took part in his brother Kenneth's assassination. This could be a juicy storyline in the future. I can't wait to see what Tripp does to retaliate for the destruction of his former home. Simon needs to be taken down a peg. Was anyone else a little weirded out by Tripp's comment about almost being ready to "leave this life"? The writers had better not pull a Jericho and kill off the best part of this show. I need my Donald Sutherland!

Finally, congrats to the cast and crew of Dirty Sexy Money for getting picked up for a full season!

My favorite lines of the night:

"You know how the justice system works. Whoever has the most money wins, right? You've got nothing to worry about." --Karen, on Brian's custody battle

"Who knows? Maybe the three of you can somehow, I don't know, complete each other." --Nick, to Carmelita

Andrea: "Are you trying to buy my son? Brian: "I'm trying to buy our son."

"Both myself and the garage encourage responsible yet heavy drinking." --Jeremy, to Sofia

"You're right, Jeremy. I can't actually afford a beard." --Clark the driver

"Clarksdale! You're like the fountain of middle-class romance formation." --Jeremy

"It touches on the truth." --Simon, after his family history is revealed

"Babesons don't shake. Babesons hug." --Clark, meeting Sofia for the first time

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