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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dirty Sexy Money: The Wedding

Dirty Sexy Money really proved its worth in the primetime soap category. No one has made a melodramatic declaration since the pilot, so I was happy to hear Tripp's vow to destroy Simon. Only a scheming billionaire can talk about destroying someone with any credibility, and Tripp pulled the scene off nicely. He also made for an amusing drunk.

What was the deal with Brian sitting at the foot of the bed during Karen and Freddy's make-out session? Creepy! Aside from counseling the couple about their vows while they were in their underwear, Brian appeared to be a decent minister. He managed to deliver a sentimental, snark-free sermon at the wedding, perhaps while pondering his own troubled marriage. I found it difficult to pity Brian's concerns about Mei Ling Hwa when he was sleeping with Andrea. For me, that came out of nowhere. Fortunately, it looks like I'm going to get more of angry Brian in the coming weeks, now that he's fighting to keep Brian Jr. in the country.

The writers are definitely messing with our heads with regard to the whole DNA test storyline. Tripp made another cryptic remark to Kiki about Nick being family, and told her she was welcome to have her wedding at the Darlings' home. After hearing some of Kiki's views on the Darling lifestyle, I don't think she'd have a problem with that. Who knew that she was so obsessed with wealth and privilege? I suppose she can't help it. Like Brian Jr., Kiki has gotten a sense of what money can do (albeit on a smaller scale) now that her Dad is on Tripp's payroll. Do we have a junior gold-digger on our hands?

Kiki wasn't the only one willing to go to great lengths to enjoy the advantages of wealth. Ellen agreed to let Patrick's affair with Carmelita continue--with a few ground rules, of course. I really hope that the first meeting between Ellen, Patrick, and Carmelita makes it into a future episode. What is the extent of Ellen's ambition? Does she simply want to be the wife of a powerful man, or does she want some of that power for herself? More importantly, what did Simon Elder hope to accomplish by leaking Patrick's secret to Ellen? I thought he had done enough to turn Patrick against Tripp. Then again, who am I to question an evil techno-philanthropist?

Letitia and Karen will be busy plotting their own mischief in the coming weeks. I felt terrible that Freddy was dumped right after his "proposal," but he's probably better off without the Darling drama. You don't want to be too close to people that can get a marriage annulled at the wedding reception. Besides, $3 million for 45 minutes of wedded bliss isn't a bad deal. I'm afraid of what Letitia might be capable of when it comes to her children's happiness. She's trying to give Karen the kind of ideal relationship that she didn't have with Dutch, which worries me. Using your children to make up for your own regrets in life never turns out well.

Tripp's speech at the end of the episode gave me chills. All that was missing was Heather Locklear--seriously, if the show is renewed, she has to make an appearance. His declaration was a sharp contrast to his drunken behavior during the rest of the episode. How exactly do you "completely and utterly" destroy someone? What does Simon's evil plan have to do with targeting real estate developers? I have to believe that a seasoned manipulator like Tripp can beat Simon at his own game, but who knows? The Thanksgiving showdown should be interesting.

My favorite lines of the episode:

"I'm thinking a golf theme would be nice. Hazards, fairways, and holes-in-one." --Freddy, on the wedding vows

"Private number? That's so 2006." --Juliet

"Staying mad at me is expensive, and it's free to forgive." --Natalie's song lyrics

"I really believe that this time, it's going to last...for quite some time." --Tripp, on Karen's marriage

"I can tell when these things won't work out, Nick. I'm a pro." --Karen, on her quickie divorce

"There really is such a kind person buried deep down inside you. Deep, deep down inside you. Somewhere." --Tripp, to Brian

"It's none of my business how you like your eggs." --Simon, on Patrick's sex life

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