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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wedding Music: The Oldies, But Goodies

A few days ago, my friends and I were discussing wedding reception music. Not sure why since none of us are planning any weddings, but probably because we have all been to some great wedding receptions and some not so great receptions. The DJ can make all the difference. Now when I was first married back in the mid-80s, bands were still the way to go. If I recall, the band I hired basically played big band music and polkas. And the old folks danced nearly every dance.

Planning the music can be a challenging task when you try to appease everyone's musical tastes. You and your friends might have a different perception than your grandparents of what constitutes fun dance music — perhaps more "Golddigger" and less "String of Pearls." Yet if you truly want to make the oldsters happy and have a fabulous, danceable playlist (even for people who don't know how to jitterbug), check out my Oldies-But-Goodies Reception playlist.

From The Temptations to Sinatra to Louis Armstrong, you'll be able to shake your moneymaker and make your great aunts smile, so to take a listen.

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