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Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost: Ji Yeon

So, with this episode of Lost, I started out all excited that we got another Sun episode (yay!). Then there was that part with Juliet that made me scream at the TV. Then the thing happened with the person with the chains (I mean . . . what?!). Toward the end I realized that they'd been totally messing with me, ime-wise and then it ended with. . . wait for it . . . an emotional sock to the gut. I'm still reeling from this.

I have to talk about the time stuff first. Making me think both Jin and Sun were a part of the Oceanic Six — I was racing to figure out what that panda signified — was nothing short of awesome. I am sure I'm not the only one who cursed out the TV upon figuring this out, but also kind of smile? Well played, Lost.

And I thought I was so smug when I figured out that hers were flash-forwards before they even said Oceanic Six. I do have to say, though, I took note of how old and clunky Jin's cell phone seemed.

Also: Yay, Sun is one of the Oceanic Six!

I love that Desmond can't seem to button up his shirt. I'm not being snarky here, I really do love that.

My favorite line: "Don't worry, everyone loves a panda." — toy store clerk, after inquiring about whether it's a boy or girl.

All my newfound affection for Juliet from the last episode is out the window. I don't care how good her intentions are, that is a low blow with telling Jin about the affair. When Sun is getting the prenatal vitamins, Juliet says, "After everything you confided in me, I should at least have your trust." Well, now she's proven that she'll promptly abuse that trust. I don't think her intentions justified her actions.

Also, this was great: Juliet: "Translate for me."Sun: "No."

Why does Kate have to be such a snot-nosed tattletale? "I'm going to have to tell Jack." Seriously?

OK, a woman drapes herself in chains and jumps off the side of the ship.And . . . I stopped breathing for a minute.

I love it when Bernard pops up to say some good-natured things. Who else would you want to go fishing with just after learning of your wife's affair? I think his karma talk is going to prove significant. "See, it's all about karma, Jin. You make bad choices, bad things happen to you, you make good choice, good —" Jin catches a fish. "See that? Now, that's karma. We must be the good guys."

So, this is Charles Widmore's boat, and the captain is determined to find Ben who is responsible for faking the recovery of Flight 815.

With all this other stuff going on, I'm glad it was who we all expected on the boat (Michael) and not someone else in a big twist.

"So I forgive you." I thought that Desmond-Penny episode wrung me out, but no. More tears. More tears!

Awww! Ji Yeon is born!

Hurley — in a suit!

Jin's tombstone states the day he died is the day of the crash, September 22, 2004. This implies that the Oceanic 6 have told the world that he died in the crash and brings up questions about the true circumstances of his real death.

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