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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Men in Trees: Charity Case

After a hiatus duirng the writer's strike, Men in Trees is back. Although I have heard it is not being picked up by ABC next season, I'll still watch the remaining last episodes to immerse myself into the world of Elmo, Alaska, and all the quirky folks who call it home.

Cash drops in on Marin looking as good as ever. Marin learns that he is having health problems. She climbs onto a roof in order to ferret out his secret. In no time at all, thanks to Marin, all of Elmo knows his secret. Then without consulting him, she advertises a fundraiser for him. Good Golly.

I love the relationship between Sarah and Eric. They are so sweet together and she is wonderfully supportive of him. I loved the rock climbing to relieve sexual tension.

As for Patrick, I'm getting a little tired of the whole memory loss thing. Patrick was a great character the way he was. Now he's going to be a beer drinking, burping, inconsiderate jerk? I'm not feeling it.

In the end, Marin learns that Jack's ship has gone down. Even though I knew this from the last episode, it was still sad. Poor Marin.

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