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Monday, April 21, 2008

DVD Review: House of Flying Daggers

Jin and Leo are officers, trying to stop an underground faction known as the House of Flying Daggers. News tells them that a blind dancers is apart of this faction and plan to capture her. After the capture the dancer Mei, Leo and Jin plan to use her to find the location of the House of Flying Daggers. Pretending to be a loyal follower of the Daggers, Jin fools Mei, yet starts to fall for her, yet may fall into her own trap.

House of Flying Daggers is an amazing, breath taking, visual feast of epic proportions. Daggers is more straight forward, with double and triple crosses to twist the stories narrative. Daggers also blends a very heavy love story amidst all the action, between the three leads Jin, Leo and Mei.

House of Flying Daggers is visually deep and rich. The colours leap of the screen, with brilliant cinematography. The fight sequences are simply stunning; superbly choreographed action. The fight in the bamboo forest is just jaw dropping.

As the blind dancer Mei, Zhang Ziyi is such a beautiful actress, its hard not to take your eyes off her. Takeshi Kaneshiro is charismatic as Jin. Andy Lau brings a strong performance as Leo.While the story might be contrived, House of Flying Daggers is an amazing feast of cinema, it's hard not to be swept up in its beauty

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