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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lost: The Other Woman

Bottom line of this episode of Lost: Sucks to be Juliet. I still don't altogether trust her, but man, she has got it bad on that island. Although I did find her to be really pretty in this episode? OK, maybe I am warming to her. Just a little.

The episode wasn't as gripping as the last episode with Desmond's crazy experiences, but it was more of a fill-in-the-gaps episode, rather than a blow-your-mind episode.

I love how they tried to mislead me in the beginning, when Juliet is explaining to a therapist that she hates to be the center of attention. My first assumption was that Juliet is one of the Oceanic Six — but no. OK, so maybe they only misled me.

There was a time when I thought the driving rain in the forest meant something significant every time it happened, like a motif or something. Now I'm pretty sure it's not that calculated.

How did Therapist Lady Harper get a message from Ben when he's being held captive by Locke?

Goodwin says he got the burn on his arm because he "was pressed up against a transformer." Like, Optimus Prime?

Dan: "So they have Miles."Kate: "Yeah, but he's fine. They're treating him fine." You know, grenade in the mouth, he's really comfortable.

Best line of the episode: "It's very stressful being an Other, Jack." — Juliet

Claire's haircuts are always so fresh and modern.

I love Ben's allusion to the rabbit he used to trick Sawyer into thinking he'd been implanted with a pacemaker. "This didn't have a number on it, did it?" Hilarious.

Lots of private vs. public discussion. Juliet hates to be the center of attention. She doesn't know why Goodwin has a problem with being private about their relationship.

OK, this whole Charles Widmore thing. First off, who is videotaping the incident with Widmore and the "unfortunate" member of Ben's people who got caught? Also, if Ben really did "tape over" the Red Sox game that he showed Jack that one time, then this thing with Widmore happened between that time and right now.

I still want to know why, exactly, Widmore is so invested in finding the island.

Michael Emerson, who plays Ben is simply one of the best actors working on TV right now. Unbelievable.

When Juliet wonders about the children (Zack and Emma), Ben references the lists again. "Who are we to question who's on the list and who's not?"

I always suspected something weird was up between Ben and Juliet. But holy cow he's a psychopath. "You're mine!"

It's just like Jack to be all macho and smug, "He knows where to find me." Barf.

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