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Friday, April 4, 2008

Prision Break: The Art of the Deal

This was a great episode. Really solid and enjoyable. However, I can see why it was originally meant to be the mid-season finale and not a season ender. There are just simply too many questions left hanging and, for lack of a better way to put it, it just doesn't feel right. Being a fan of Prison Break, I know what I'm talking about. As far as finales go, this wasn't satisfying. While it left me yearning for more,

The episode picked up right where it left off last week--with Michael and Lincoln chasing down Whistler. Surprise...they catch him! After about half an hour of cat and mouse positioning between Scofield and Gretchen, the switch finally happens at a museum where the threat of guns was neutralized by metal detectors at the entrance.

Gretchen gives up Sofia and LJ; Michael gives up Whistler. Then came the completely expected bombshell: there are no coordinates. Sofia got PO'ed after hearing that and ran back to Lincoln. More importantly, without the existence of coordinates, what's Whistler's worth? What does he know or do? Is he some sort of agent for The Company just like Gretchen? Not finding that out really bugged me, especially since I probably would have found out during the next episode had this season not been cut short.

Anyway, after some gun fire in the front of the museum (Sofia got shot but survived and will be fine), everyone pretty much walked away and in that regard, it was sort of anti-climactic.

More thoughts...

Was there any real point in showing McGrady's happy ending? He was a nice guy and all, but it was total filler and contributed nothing. After he and his dad left the marina, that should have been the last we saw of him.

Sucre got tossed into Sona. Not sure how I feel about that. His story this whole season was shaky and didn't really have much direction since he was constantly torn between helping Michael and going home to Mari-Cruz. Maybe his incarceration will create the opportunity to bring her back?

Speaking of bringing someone back, nice touch with the flash-back to the day Michael gave Sarah the origami rose.

What's T-Bag's end game? Does he have some plan to get out of Sona by using Lechero's money? It's not like he's going to be able to rule Sona since he was handing out hundred dollar bills and preaching equality. But with Lechero dead (Was there ever a doubt that T-Bag wasn't playing him?), it's definitely going to create a power struggle in Sona. Oh and what about the nun? Random to see her back. What's her role in T-Bag's plan, other than holding on to the rest of the cash?

Whistler sure gave up on Sofia pretty fast, huh?

Bellick falls into the same category as McGrady. He's completely worthless and added absolutely nothing to a majority of this season.

Moving on to the end... Mahone in a bar, sipping his club soda. A stranger approaches. At first, I really thought I was about to witness the return of Kellerman. He could still be alive. I never actually saw Kellerman shoot himself. I only heard a gun go off and saw nothing. Anyway, it was Whistler. Whoa. He and Mahone are in cahoots along with Gretchen. One big ol' Company outing. So now I have more questions. What are they up to and why is Mahone key to the plan?

Plus, as Mahone pointed out, if Gretchen really killed Sarah (which she did), then she's the weak link because Michael will find her. And he has something to go on too. Sofia found Whistler's metal briefcase, remember? All it had in it was some paperwork referencing a guy named Jason Lief. Who the hell is that? Whistler's alias?

That was it. Michael took off on his revenge mission and Whistler and Co. are off doing ___________? I'm trying not to stress about this too much though. Now I'll have to wait until the fall for the answers. It's too bad the strike prevented the possibility of this episode at least being re-cut. At least they broke out of prison.

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