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Friday, April 25, 2008

An Indie Wedding: An Alternative Approach to Wedding Music

Tonight Liz and I stopped for a drink after work and she was discussing the wedding she is in this summer. Our discussion turned to music since I have been on this strange kick the past couple of days over wedding reception music.

Her friend's music collection is stuffed with indie rock staples, but I don't think she has to put them aside while planning her wedding playlist. Mainstream dance tunes just aren't every couple's style, and there are plenty of indie songs with a good beat that will get the crowd grooving.

Don't be afraid to wander off the proverbial beaten path when compiling your reception playlist. If this is the kind of music you and your fiance enjoy most, it will have more meaning. Just because Sinatra didn't croon it (or Timbaland didn't produce it) doesn't mean it's not wedding-appropriate or fun.

I put together a playlist of good reception songs from smaller artists — including some tunes that are pretty and others that are straight-up fun to dance to. Whether you're looking to go all indie or just want to sprinkle in something a little different between your oldies and your retro tunes, these songs are a good start. To check out my playlist, click below.

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