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Monday, April 7, 2008

Lost: Eggtown

As a general rule, I think I've had enough of Kate's stories, of which I've now had nine. the last episode was so gripping with Sayid's flash forwards, and I found myself not caring too much about Kate's stuff. Well, except for the parts that involved a shirtless Sawyer. Know what I think Sawyer's nickname for Sawyer would be? "Dimples." Anyway, otherwise, it was a fairly interesting episode.

Last things first: Aaron is the son that Kate has been referring to, ever since last season's finale when she told Jack in a flash-forward that she has to go because "he'll be wondering where I am." So does this mean that the Oceanic 6 consists of Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and one more person? Or does Aaron not count as one of the six?

In the last episode Sawyer said to Kate, "Nothing awaits you back there but handcuffs," and sure enough, they cuff Kate soon after she enters the courtroom.

Locke: "If I was a dictator I would just shoot you and go about my day." Wow, way harsh. And that whole grenade-in-the-mouth bit was hardcore, too. Locke's losing it. He also claims to now be "responsible for the well-being of this island."

Awww, Hurley: "You just totally Scooby Dooed me, didn't ya?"

I gotta say I'm growing tired of the Kate-Jack-Sawyer love triangle. Of course Jack is going to say on the stand that he doesn't love her. That part is lame. And the whole piece with Kate and Sawyer in bed, quibbling about babies and Jack is just boring. Only thing I needed to know there is that Kate's not actually pregnant — or, at least that's what she says.

Man, I love Sawyer's goofy-looking reading glasses.

Also: I think it's funny that there's Dharma Initiative boxed wine.

I think I shivered a little when Sawyer said, "So just be woman enough to tell me you want to use me for somethin'".

$3.2 million seems like such a random number to toss out there. But I know nothing in this show is random.

What's going on with that helicopter Sayid took with the helicopter guy? Still haven't landed in a day.

Now I know that Dan's memory is faulty, and his remembering two out of three cards is considered progress.

I'm curious to find out who this nanny woman is who greets Kate with such a warm welcome. Hmm?

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