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Monday, April 21, 2008

Men In Trees: Sonata in 3 Parts

So, did I really think Jack was dead? Even for a second? Really? I only ask because Chief Celia said that Jack is lost at sea -- possibly forever!

this was a tricky episode because it ran the emotional gamut for Marin -- going from total despair at learning the news of Jack's likely death, to impotent anger as the news finally sinks in, to utter joy at their unexpected reunion. Incidentally, that scene at the dock is my personal favorite. Even after watching it, I cried like a baby the moment when Marin realizes that the man walking along the dock isn't a ghost, it's actually Jack. Still, I'm sure the writers wanted to do a different slant on the traditional lovers' reunion. Everyone's seen the romantic "run through the field" moment. And really, who doesn't love it? It's classic! The challenge I'm sure was to find a way to have this classic moment, but still make it their own. That's where the bike came in. Seeing Jack get bowled over by Marin's runaway bike cut through what might've been a very melodramatic moment and hopefully, was funny, too.

I also enjoyed getting to explore Jerome's musical back-story. What sort of people move to Alaska? People that are either running away from something or who have something to hide. That idea of a character having a secret past was something that was pretty coole. Jerome seemed both the likeliest and unlikeliest candidate for that particular idea. He's someone that always seems to know something about everything, but I'm never exactly sure how he knows it. (Also, I remember seeing Jerome ponder an interesting picture of himself alongside important looking folks after he goes sober for Patrick's wedding.)

The theme of the episode -- which may have been kind of hidden -- was regret. I'll tell you one of the things I don't regret -- is taking a leap a faith and going after what I want. But in all seriousness, I liked the theme of regret and what it does to people. When my life flashes before me, I don't want to regret one of those moments that passes meby. So, why not have Jack and Marin move in together? Maybe? I don't think it's too soon. I think they've been through enough and they're ready for this step. Time will tell! Or… the next episode.

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