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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

RIP Men in Trees

Granted, this news has probably been a long time in coming, but it's still a bummer: Men in Trees has been officially canceled after two years of life in Elmo, AK.

Of course, that's two years of airing on three different nights in numerous different time slots, with two long breaks — one when its first season came to an early end, another when ABC decided to save episodes of the show rather than air them during the writers' strike — in between. Not the easiest way to get a following, that's for sure.

It was bad news when Lifetime decided not to pick up the show when ABC offered it, but the show still had its promoters at the network — not to mention a dedicated (if relatively small) fan base that had organized a campaign to buy trees for developin countries. And coupled with the news that ABC didn't plan on premiering as many new series as normal in the Fall, it seemed like the show had a chance.

The one bright spot is that Trees did prepare an ending that could serve as a series finale; that last episode will air sometime this Summer, after the show returns May 28. Plus I think I have about three more episodes to watch that I have taped over the past month so I will cherish those viewings.

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