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Saturday, May 17, 2008

CSI: A Thousand Days on Earth

The case in this episode is a very delicate story and was given very good justice by the writers, actors and everything went well together perfectly.

Whenever the kids are involve in crime scene, everybody always gets too involve in solving the case. The body found in a box was too sad and too disturbing at the same time. The hysteria of the media was well executed. And how everybody handle the case was realistic. In truth, while watching the episode, I kept on thinking, "this is why I love the original CSI." Their dedication to realism makes each episode convincing.

Its also good that they start using really hi-tech equipments this episode. The surveillance camera on the site where they found the body and the camera used to see what's inside the grocery where a hostage was happening.

I'm just wondering why they only have one case this episode. Makes me think that this could be continued as season ender with Catherine and Leo, finishing their business. About the Leo guy, I think this is the first time that CSI focuses on what happened on the innocent suspects they interrogate. I like the confrontation at the end.

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