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Monday, May 19, 2008

Canterbury's Law: Trade-off

Even though I missed a couple episodes because FOX moved it to a new date & time unbeknownst to me (what else is new with TV programming these days), I was still able to keep up with the show. However, it hasn't been my favorite show and I believe it has not been renewed for the 2008 Fall season so no hard feelings.

Prison for Canterbury? Not.

This episode shows us a different side to Liz Canterbury. In previous episodes Liz is always confident and focused. She normally goes after every case with single-minded determination. However, when faced with an indictment for her own wrong-doings, there is a huge crack in her tough exterior. She seems almost defeated and even seeks to make a plea deal with DAG Williams.

In the meantime, her associates are not so willing to lay down and die, especially Russell. I got to see a new side to him as well. He picks up the slack for Liz, comes up with a plan and executes it. He re-exams an old homicide case successfully prosecuted by DAG Williams, to reveal Williams' own wrong-doings. It was great to see him squirm. One of my favorite scenes was Cherry Pie's testimony. He/she's assessment of Williams was priceless - big feet, cheap suit.

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