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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Men in Trees: A Tale of Two Kidneys

Jack: “So you’re planning on giving your kidney away to some guy without even telling me.”

I’m trying to figure out how most guys feel if the woman they loved wanted to donate her kidney to some totally hot guy that calls her “princess.” Jack doesn’t respond well when he finds out Marin is willing to lose a kidney to help the ailing Cash on this episode of Men in Trees. He says he’s upset because of Marin’s lack of communication about such a big decision that affects them both, but I know Jack’s just jealous. What guy wouldn't be. How can a normal mortal compete with a demigod like Cash in the Game of Love?*

Of course, Jack comes around and realizes that this is just Marin being protective and generous and he should be lucky he’s with such a swell gal. Plus, how upset can Jack really be about Marin’s relationship with Cash considering his relationship with Julia? There’s clearly something between Jack and Julia beyond the bond they forged as survivors of the boat accident. I’m thinking Jack needs to take a look inside himself before he throws a hissy fit about Marin and Cash.

Let’s see, what else happened?

Ivan the Croatian hockey player is quite the prima donna, isn’t he? He’s got his sights set on Annie – I don’t think his intentions are 100% honorable. Plus, he was rude to Ben – not cool! The cell phone call with his dad was a nice touch, so maybe Ivan has a soft side after all.

I liked how Terri felt so bad about “causing” Patrick to be struck by lightning that he embarked on a karmic payback plan – and that he decided that donating a kidney to Cash would pay off his karmic debt in one fell swoop.

Annie’s new Sandy Duncan haircut was cute, even if she did get it to impress Ivan.

Terri’s tiki hut decorations in Cash’s hospital room were awesome – I’m sure he broke a dozen fire codes, but if I had to stay in the hospital I’d want décor like that.

Dick just gloms on to Celia, doesn’t he? He's like her shadow. Dude, there’s such a thing as personal space.

It rained a lot during this episode, didn’t it? Just something I noticed.

Next episode: kidney transplant wackiness with Cash and Terri and a visit from Morgan Fairchild.

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