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Friday, May 2, 2008

Lost: Meet Kevin Johnson

Can you tell how much I'm loving that I've gotten so much Desmond time this season (see image)? He didn't even have that many lines in thi sepisode, but I just had to use this picture. Sigh.

This whole time when everyone's wondered where Michael went to and what he was doing, he was back in the U.S.! He was just living his life, Walt was fine and everything. Crazy.

So, Ben gets Michael off the island and back to New York, so Michael is not part of the Oceanic Six. Once I learned that, I had this hope that Sayid would be in the same situation (not in the Oceanic Six) and I'd still have another member of the Six to figure out. No such luck. And according to the final preview thingy at the end there, they said that we now know all the members of the Oceanic Six — and they flashed an image of Aaron. I guess he does count.

What's super cool about this episode is that it sets up the possibility for a number of people to get off the island, courtesy of Ben, as long as they work for him. This — and the flash-forward device they've started using — provides more options when creating storylines, rather than just being stuck on the island and seeing peoples' flashbacks. I like it.

For whatever reason, I totally thought Claire would be the one to die. I never suspected Rousseau, but then again, I often forget about her entirely. It's a shame she died, I really liked her.

Poor, tortured Michael. I feel for the guy, he's so miserable and haunted and he can't do anything about it.

That Miles had some sassy lines! He's fast becoming another character I love to hate.

There is something so fishy about the whole thing with Ben sending Rousseau, Alex and Karl into the forest. He gives Rousseau such a meaningful stare when he says, "Your mother will protect you," and he'd been glaring at Karl just before he gave them the map. I almost think that he arranged this somehow in order to get rid of Karl because Alex is "his." In the jungle when Rousseau is telling Alex to take her hand and that she loves her, her eyes are full of tears, like she knows what's coming. The whole thing is sad and eerie.

It's heartbreaking to see Michael pawn the watch Jin eventually gave him in order to buy a gun. A gun that doesn't even succeed in killing him.

So, Tom's gay. And he can just "come and go" between the island and the mainland as he pleases. This newfound info makes me want to go back and watch all of Tom's scenes again.

I'm glad they explained where they came up with all those bodies for the fake Flight 815 wreckage, but Tom talking about all that — the cemetery in Thailand, etc. — made me queasy. It's so morbid.

That bomb trick is cruel. "Not yet." I would have laughed if I weren't so exasperated.

"There are people on your boat who are innocent. . . I will not kill innocent people." Really, Ben? Because I'm pretty sure you will.

Again with the "good guys" label: "Then consider yourself one of the good guys."

Sayid tells the captain that "Kevin Johnson" is not who he says he is. I kind of expected the captain to just be like, "Yeah, I know."

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