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Saturday, May 31, 2008

CSI: Drops Out

A desperate Nick and Brass team with an old adversary to halt a rapidly growing murder count. Less gory and more story as a merry chase ensues. The team again plays with their laser beams in an attempt to figure out another unusual sequence of events that escalates beyond the simple killed/victim mold.

'Method Mans' Drops gets a 48hr pass in order to assist Brass and the CSI's to end a growing list of victims. Of course things never proceed smoothly and as Brass and Nick take Drops to help find his lady, who could well hold the key to the case, even a GPS ankle bracelet wont let the slippery con from seeking his own line of investigation.

As often happens the line between good and bad gets blurred and I wouldn't be surprised to see the surprisingly effective method man getting more air time in the near future (the modern 'Huggy Bear?' - he's got the walk, talk, attitude, insider dealings - but can he stay clean enough?)

Its also nice to see that the team is running more on brains than the emotions of recent episodes. Catherine is definitely better when she controls herself rather than the career risking blowups that are much better suited to the street hardened Brass or the tempestuous Warrick.

Overall a very good effort. Just enough humor to counter the bodies - and much less graphic than many episodes. I thought the pace of the show was just right and the hour flew past.

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