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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prison Break: Photo Finish/Vamonos

A two-hour Prison Break? Now what did I do to deserve this? Well, it was really just two back-to-back episodes of Prison Break instead of a two-hour special. But still, the only thing better than one Prison Break episode is two Prison Break episodes. And they were pretty good episodes to boot. While I didn't get to see the much-hyped escape from Sona, I did get some interesting new developments in the plot.

Since I always thought that Michael's idea to escape from Sona in broad daylight was foolish, I have to say I was right. In fact, it was the daylight itself (or lack thereof) that foiled Michael's plans. Just as Michael and Whistler were climbing down the rope ladder and out to freedom, the glare was blocked by clouds and they had to scurry right back up. This was bad because they didn't get out of Sona. This was good because now Lechero can join them. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that they didn't get further in the escape.

While I am happy to see that Michael is back in prison this season, I don't want him to stay there the whole time. I am excited to see what would happen when the brothers reunite (especially now that Michael's beloved Sara is gone). Will they stick together or go their separate ways? But enough about what didn't happen tonight. Let's get to the major plot developments.

Lincoln finally told Michael that Sara is dead. I can see that Michael would be upset with Lincoln for not telling him sooner but I'm on Lincoln's side. It's his son, not some random prison doctor who just happened to be both attractive and kind enough to help with an escape. Lincoln had to keep this from Michael if he thought that the information would affect the escape.

Mahone is out of Sona. One of his colleagues from the past season showed up surprisingly with a deal. If he tells all and helps shed some light on the ex-president, then he gets to do his time in an American prison (preferably one that carries his brand of highly-addictive painkillers). I wonder if his old friend from the bureau is going to double-cross him. Perhaps the other guy she brought with her will do the double-crossing. The latter seems possible. Maybe they will reinstate him in some way and have him track down the brothers or Whistler (when the sun finally aligns in the right way for Michael to break out, of course).

The biggest plot development, one could even say "twist," came at the very end. Susan B. Anthony's real name is Gretchen (cause Susan B. Anthony is just ridiculous). But that's not the plot twist, obviously. At the end, she had this cryptic conversation with James Whistler. He told her to give him four more days to get out. He also said that he could do what he needed to do despite the lost time. I wonder what he will do or how exactly he is aligned with her. Does Whistler work for the company? Perhaps neither Gretchen nor Whistler work for the company at all. Maybe they are trying to subvert the company.

I must point out one last thing. What is going on with the supporting characters on Prison Break? Seasons one and two spent so much time building up Belleck and T-Bag as viable enemies for the brothers. Belleck has been reduced from a prison-guard-turned-bounty-hunter to a worthless blob. He might have killed the French guy (although I don't think so) but other than that his only contribution to this episode was blubbering about Sara's death. Like he really cares? T-Bag has carved out a spot in Lechero's gang and hasn't done much since. Maybe he and Sammy will fight for the head position in Sona now that Lechero's power has been displaced?

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