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Friday, December 28, 2007

MTTT - Bilbos Pizza & Brewing Company

M's Thirsty Third Thursday gathered December 20 at Bilbos Pizza & Brewing Company.

Bilbo's has been around as long as I can remember. When I was attending Western Michigan University in the early '80s, Bilbo's Underground Tavern was the place to be seen in. All the "cool" college kids hung out there. Oh I remember the days of just sitting there doing my homework and eating a slice of that delicious deep wheat-style crust waiting for my next class to start. But I digress...

A couple years ago Bilbo's lost their lease near the campus and moved to an impressive building that houses a magic formula for dining entertainment that attracts both college-age students and families. The menu includes their famous gourmet pizzas, hand-crafted ales, sandwiches and grinders.

The night we were there though was the worst. First, the place was freezing cold. Grant it, this is Michigan, but most places you don't need to wear your coats inside. I thought it was me, but when the guys started to complain how cold it was, I knew there was something wrong. Second, the waitress had just started working nights. She screwed up all of our orders, never brought Lindsey her "remade" pizza, and our bills were a jumbled mess. Again, I thought maybe it was the restaurant part that was having troubles, but Liz & I moved into the bar later on. We sat there for the longest time and no one ever waited on us. On top of this, our table was never cleaned from the people who had just left.

So even though Bilbo's has the best pizza in all of West Michigan, the service at the Stadium Dr. restaurant has little to be desired. Next time, I'll just get it "to go".

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