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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Prison Break: Bang & Burn

The writer's strike hits again. There was supposed to be five more episodes before this season's fall finale. Instead I got a plain ol' ending comparable to any regular episode of Prison Break. Certainly not what I would have expected based on this show's history. It's not a bad thing, just disappointing. I understand the need to stockpile and space out the dwindling supply of new episodes, but it's unfortunate that it results in segmenting seasons in such sloppy fashion. Enough with the complaining though. The writer's strike is happening and I knew what to expect. If I can look beyond that, this episode really was quite good. It left me with plenty of questions to ponder as I wait for Prison Break to return in January.

First big revelation? Susan B. isn't who she says she was. OK, not that big. Her name is Gretchen (or is that an alias too?), she really was a POW, and if there was any doubt left that she didn't work for the same "Company" that I've come to grow and love, I met her boss. Kim's boss. Creepy bald guy. Anyone else find it odd that he said more in his one scene in this episode that he did all of last season? What gives? I kind of liked the idea of him being mute... or at least selective about when he spoke.

After the way the last episode ended with Whistler and Gretchen meeting for a quick chat in the visitor's area at Sona, I've been waiting to find out what exactly James' involvement with the Company is. No real answers given there, other that the fact that he's clearly worth more than I've been led to believe. He must be if they're willing to sacrifice Michael and Lincoln and also hire two helicopters to try and bust him out. So what can he do for them that they need so desperately? And if it was so important, and they always had helicopters at their disposal, why bother with Michael in the first place? For as strong as the Company is supposed to be, it continually comes off as weak and discombobulated.

The whole episode led up to that moment and it was obvious that it was going to fail. What I didn't see coming was Michael taking the heat for it. Where did they drag him off to? There's no way they're just going to set him free, so I'm guessing he's being brought to a different portion of the prison. Solitary maybe?

Once again, Bellick and T-Bag were just sort of there. Mahone has moved up the food-chain a little bit with his potential testimony on the line. I just don't care though. He may be getting more screen time than the other two, but Mahone's a lost cause at this point. He's an addict who can't get himself together. I get it. All three of these characters were so good in the past and it's just a shame that there isn't a better way to integrate them into this season. Hopefully Mahone being thrown back in Sona will facilitate that.

Fortunately, characters like Lechero and Sammy have filled the gaps. It's going to be interesting to see the power struggle between them grow. Sammy already suspects Lechero of something, and if "El Patron" is off helping out Michael or Whistler with the escape then it won't be long before Sammy takes the throne and Lechero becomes just another inmate.

More thoughts...

Did I ever find out exactly what McGrady did? I feel like I did but I just can't remember.

What's Lincoln planning on doing with the gun-shot noises he recorded with Sucre?

What's the deal with Whistler's second apartment? And the passport that Sophia found? Gary Miller? Alias or real name?

Was there any significance to the notes about Mahone that Whistler had in his bird book? Seems like he's been keeping tabs on everyone. Looking for ways to manipulate.

It's about time that Michael finally took off his shirt. The acknowledgment that the tattoos still exist is big.

What caused the riot that led to the shutdown of Cell Block A? I wonder if starting another riot in B might be the solution to breaking out amidst all the chaos?

Speaking of chaos, I can't wait to hear Whistler's excuses to Lechero. Without Michael around as the buffer, Lechero is going to want answers for the helicopter mess and more importantly, why wasn't he involved. Get comfortable though. I won't find out for another couple of weeks.

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