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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bones: Intern in the Incinerator

"It's always the suits, baby." -- Jack
"Hey, I wear suits!" -- Booth
"Yes, yes you do." -- Jack

At first I thought it was going to be one of the more serious episodes since Kristen, the murder victim, was known by Angela. But, as the hour progressed there were a plenty of amusing moments surrounding the investigation. Plus, I had some character development going on as well.

The best part of this Bones was that, save for a few scenes in the interrogation room, most of the episode took place inside the Jeffersonian Institution. I enjoy these types of 'box' or 'fishbowl' shows because it provides a bit more depth into the surroundings that the actors flit in and out of during 43 minutes of air time. In this case, I got to see some of the other departments that make up the vast institution of data gathering and meet their leaders.

Out of all of them Dr. Harlan Bancroft, the head honcho of the Institution, was the one I disliked the most. Booth described it the best when he called the man a "dillweed." He was just so slimy and subversively arrogant. That, and he practically threatened Angela when the squints fought him about another colleague's murder. Man, I was ready to jump into the television and put the smackdown on that guy.

I also disliked Dr. Kyle Aldridge, head of the Middle East department. He wasn't subversively arrogant -- he wore his arrogance on his sleeve. Anyone who has to say to others that he's smarter than them isn't very smart at all. Luckily, our good friend Bones put him back on the straight and narrow when she told him that she was the smarter of the two. I loved the interrogation scene between Temperance and Aldridge for it showed the continued growth of Dr. Brennan as a rough-and-tough inquisitor.

I actually came to like Dr. Klimkew, head of Authentications. Too bad he was the murderer. I had thought it was Bancroft that was the killer, and was actually disappointed when it turned out that Kilmkew helped push Kristen's body down the incinerator chute then killed Aldridge. Not only that, but he was smuggling artifacts out of Iraq as well. At least he was nice enough to ask Bones and Booth if they would recommend a lawyer to him.

Returning back to the cast that I have learned to love ... Cam had a nice story going on this week. I've come to like Dr. Saroyan in the last season plus and it was good to see some of her background being explored with the introduction of her sister. The scenes with her, her sister, and Booth were some of the funnier moments in this episode. Especially funny was when Cam found out that her sister kissed Booth right before they were supposed to go to her father's birthday party. For some reason the status changed on Booth and, instead of being the victim, it was all his fault that the sisters began to fight with each other.

Another fine scene was the one between Booth and Bones at the end of the episode. Bones was really hurt that Kristen's murder was at the hands of another Jeffersonian employee because, even though she was reluctant to admit it, The Jeffersonian was her home. Luckily, Booth being Booth, he let Temperance know the he would not abandon her if something like this happened again. I have to wonder if the very last moments of this scene, where Bones tries to smash the plastic cup and fails, were unscripted and kept in the show. Emily Deschanel's reaction certainly didn't seem like something you would see on a normal basis.

Other items of note:

The scene at the holographic tank. I don't know about you, but when they are using the tank and brainstorming back and forth as to what happened to the murder victim it gives me chills.

Zack and Jack are back to their old tricks again. This time, throwing a dummy out of the top-story windows to simulate the fall that Kristen made to the incinerator.

Angela's realization that the charred skull belonged to someone she knew. How her visions of who the person was came to life was pretty neat.

Jack slaps Zack upside the head after he asks what the difference is between Kristen having an affair with another man, as opposed to Jack sleeping with a still-married Angela.

Jack's reaction to Booth after he tells her about kissing Cam's sister. I was laughing right along with Jack.

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