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Monday, December 31, 2007

Bones: Boy in the Time Capsule

That Guy. You knew him in high school. He was loved by all the women (and some of the men), the teachers, and a good portion of the student body. He was probably very popular, maybe a member of the student governing body, and he pretty much had the school in the palm of his hand. Which meant he could do things that faculty and students alike would turn their heads and look away at.

Special FBI Agent Seeley Booth was That Guy.

For argument's sake he's still That Guy now. Yes, he isn't laughing while someone dangles a squint off of a stairwell (although I could see that happening) but he still has the essence of Big Man on Campus surrounding him. Look at the way he treats the squints as well as Dr. Sweets. He's constantly picking at them for all of their faults. Yet, as Sweets told him in therapy, Seeley still feels that he's the Golden Boy.

As a fan of the show I know that this is just a clever facade that Booth puts up in his role as FBI agent. When he is with people he loves (his son), and cares about (Bones) he can be a different person. Take the example of this week's ending scene between Bones and Booth. After telling Temperance a fairly humiliating story about his teenage years Booth dropped his 'I Am Man' persona and got pretty deep with Bones. The end of the conversation was so quiet, so close, so deep that you thought that these crazy kids were a couple. It was so full of sexual tension that I was ready for Booth and Bones to smooch it up.

This episode of Bones was a dedication to the high school class of 1987. There were so many classic 80's references that it was hard to keep up. Some of the ones I remember them mentioning or showing were: acid-wash jeans, 10,000 Maniacs, doc martins, floppy disks, Rubik's Cube, and ghetto blasters.

My favorite reference, and one that I'm sure many people pointed at the screen and exclaimed about, was the Commodore Amiga that Angela used to read the floppy disc of the murder victim. Personally, I owned a PC Jr., but I could certainly relate when she shoved that 5.25 floppy disk into the external drive. My, how far we have come!

Most of the action was with Booth and Bones this week, but there was still plenty going on at the Jeffersonian. Through conversations about their high school years we found out that Cam broke a bunch of house rules -- not really a surprise in my eyes -- and that Zack got bullied quite a bit in school. Again, Zack's revelation wasn't a big surprise either. What they all had in common was that they knew a That Guy in high school.

Booth and Bones did quite a bit of investigating this week trying to find out who the murderer was. They really didn't need to since a good portion of us already knew that Gil, the victim's best friend, was the killer from the first time he was questioned. I was surprised that the victim impregnated the cheerleader. I didn't really notice the resemblance until Bones looked at the boy questioningly while at the cheerleader's home. When I saw that I immediately thought that the boy was the victim's son.

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