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Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Name Is Earl - Kept A Guy Locked In A Truck

Overview: Josh dies in a tragic Murphy bed accident. He's the guy Joy accidentally kidnapped a few episodes ago, and Earl tries to throw him a funeral, but turns out no one actually KNEW Josh. Then, when Earl and Joy are cleaning out Josh’s apartment, people from all over the world (and just next door) start IM’ing him to ask where he’s been. Joy learns what guilt feels like and assumes responsibility of Josh’s cactus, dubbed Mr. Prickly by Crabman. And the online friends start getting together in person. Catalina and Randy move to Josh’s apartment together as a “married” couple should.

First Aired January 18. I watched it this morning before going to work January 25.

Funniest stuff:

  • The funeral home director set the dead people up for viewing in “living tableau” doing what they loved most. One dead guy relaxed in a recliner with a beer and a football game on, another fished, and the director expressed his recent desire to do a “Lethal Weapon” theme.
  • Joy, overjoyed that her only witness to the kidnapping is dead, sings the “Ding, dong the witness is dead” song.
  • When explaining Josh’s death by Murphy bed, the landlord says, “I probably should have rented it to a heavier guy.”
  • Upon viewing one of the tableaued bodies, Earl says, “He looks happy. Probably because of the staples in his face.”
  • Crabman is upset about Josh wearing his purple tuxedo because they can’t make that kind of tuxedo anymore because of the poisonous purple dye.
  • Earl practicing his eulogy in the mirror: “Josh. Cactus. Milk. Eggs. Gas bill.”
  • Eulogy delivered by an online friend: “Josh always made me LOL. I was always ROTFLMAO. He never gave you a BRB…”
  • Randy and Catalina sit on Josh’s deathbed after moving in. Randy gets up and the bed goes flying upward, but Catalina is spared a squishy death by the new chains installed to hold the bed down.

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