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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Friday Night Lights: Nevermind

One of my favorite new shows from the Fall 2006 Season is Friday Nights Lights. The show takes place in Texas, a state that loves their football. Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) is a first-time high school football coach, finds himself helming a stellar team that has a real chance to make it to the top. The stakes are high, the reward is sweet, and the pressure is immense.

Episode Aired: January 3, 2007

Title: Nevermind is an allusion to the grunge band Nirvana's CD Nevermind released September 24, 1991. In this episode Jason Street can not find and eventually goes to a record store to repurchase the CD.

Episode Overview: The Panthers are preparing for another game they can't lose. Matt's father comes back from Iraq but his mother's condition is difficult to take in.Tami Taylor sees Tim Riggins regarding his grades. She believes he's not doing his homework by himself and asks Landry to tutor him for his next oral exam. If he doesn't pass, he won't play in the football team.

Pam's Review: There was a lot of pain and frustration in this episode, and not typical teen angst crap, either: no whining about not getting to use the car or stay out late, but real pain -- a father who can't see how his indifference is destroying his son, and real frustration -- a young man who can't do anything he used to, and has to learn to deal with that.But balancing all the pain were the brilliant scenes with Landry and Riggins, slogging through Of Mice and Men and forging some kind of bizarre friendship on route to a B- for Riggins' oral report.

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